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I'm so sorry

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This is about my life in a way, and it defines the relationship between my mom and me. And it's also about me being suicidal.


    I'm so sorry,

    Don't know whether you'd cry or cheer,

    You'd cry because you lost your only kid to suicide, and
    there is a hole in this world that can never be filled,

    And you'd cheer because I'm finally happy, and I was a pain anyways,

    You could have prevented this,

    You could have been there,

    But instead, you shattered my heart, and I had to depend on people that will actually listen to my sob story,

    I don't want you to suffer, I just want you to be aware,

    You have committed a sin that's unforgettable, and maybe unforgivable,

    And I hope you're listening now, for these are my last words.


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83 days ago
Please I hope you are okay ❤️
177 days ago
D-don't go...please...
458 days ago
Wait, did you actually suicide, tell me you didn't, and it's just a peom, PLS