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Tears of ice

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You don't need to know who I am. And I probably won't tell you. But I don't feel emotion anymore. And that scares me. No hate, please... Does anyone have some advice?

    I'd let the tears fall
    If there were any tears
    No tears. Just emptiness

    That feeling of a sinking ship.
    A pebble turning into a rock
    The weight of the world is on my shoulders.

    Should I blame you? Should I tell you? Of all the things you have put me through...
    Why you?

    Don't let me slip away
    Because I may
    Hold on to my hand
    And maybe I'll stay.

    How can I tell you?
    Just suddenly say it out loud?
    Would you believe me?
    Maybe you'd mock me.
    He would not.

    But now these tears of ice have melted away
    Into the emptiness for another day.
    These tears of ice threaten to stay.

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501 days ago
Hi welp thanks for your suggestion I'll check them out ASAP x
501 days ago
Hello. I just saw your reply. When I was depressed, BTS saved me. I became an army, which is what they call their fans, and have only been happy since. They are all so funny and sweet and act like little children which is so heartwarming in my opinion. I used to listen to only Blue & Grey, which one of the members who was depressed, his name is Taehyung, wrote to express his feelings. I started listening to their other songs too and eventually liked all of them. I will always like Taehyung the best though because I can relate to his struggle and overcoming depression. I have watched their funny videos a lot and they always cheer me up when I’m down. I even understand a little Korean (they’re Korean) now because of how much I’ve watched them! You should totally listen to them. There are over 40 million+ army’s and you have no idea how many were depressed when they found BTS. I will always be an army at heart, even after they disband. Please listen to them, they could save you too.
503 days ago
Hi welp, thanks for your help. I feel like if I don't speak up now nothing will change so I'm going to try and tell the friends I trust most. I know they won't mock me but I'm still nervous about how they will react. There is one other friend who could help me but she isn't going into school today (I think) as in the past she has mentioned depression but I always thought it was a joke. Thanks for the song suggestions. I've only ever occasionally listened to billies songs but I never really got what they were about. But I'll listen to them again away. I'll reply after school and tell you what happened. Wishing you all the best.
503 days ago
Hi. My experience is that if you just can't take all the hate, negativity, and want for you to fail from other people, you start to feel no emotion and become like an iceberg in the middle of the sea. Eventually, you will start to direct others' negativity onto yourself, and start to love yourself less and less by every day. You need to find someone you can trust, someone who wouldn't do something to hurt you, and open up to them and have a good long cry. As the old saying goes, no man is an island, meaning that no one can be without others or be alone. Maybe you should start listening to Billie Eilish. She mostly makes songs about these things. If not, you should listen to Blue & Grey by BTS. One of the members struggled and still struggles with depression his entire life, so he wrote a song about feeling blue (sad) and grey (depressed). Lil Nas X's song Sun Goes Down is about coming out, but I am straight and listen to it when I feel sad because it is about his struggle to be himself (g*y, but you don't have to listen to it that way - I relate because my entire family and most of my friends don't accept me for who I am so I have to bend over backwards to fit in, but I can't be myself around them, so I interpret the song as struggling to be accepted for who you are). We should chat, just the two of us, on this site and share when we are depressed or feeling down. I will come back here every day in hope of your reply. When covid started and we were all quarantined, I was depressed the entire year of 2020. I finally accepted the fact that things may never be the same in the beginning of 2021. So far, I have been a lot better and I usually would lock myself in the bathroom or my bedroom and just cry myself to sleep when I felt the weight of the world on me. I couldn't say anything to my parents because they would just tell me it was a "phase" and that I would get over it quickly. They said I was doing it for attention, and that I was really fine. I was not. If anything, I was the opposite of fine. I'm coming back to this site every day until you respond. I wish you all the best.