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I’m Perfectly Fine

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    I’m perfectly fine.
    Isn’t it clear?
    I’ve said this line
    For the past year.

    I’m perfectly okay.
    As good as can be.
    Whatever they say
    Doesn’t affect me.

    I’m perfectly alright.
    Life is great.
    I’m as high as a kite.
    And I’ve definitely ate.

    Maybe I lied.
    Maybe I cried.
    Maybe I wonder
    Should I try?

    I’m perfectly broken.
    Easy to see.
    I’m never content
    With being me.

    I’m perfectly bad.
    Can’t you see?
    I wanna die.
    I hate being me.

    I’m perfectly lost.
    Even though I’m here.
    I’m at my home
    But there’s nowhere for me here.

    Maybe that’s true.
    Maybe that’s right.
    But in the end, all I say is:
    “I’m Perfectly Fine.”

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78 days ago
@AggressiveKitsune I sincerely hope you are okay xx
392 days ago
I share your hurt .
416 days ago
Hey i go by “Shygirl” too now :)