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Smashed Glass

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It’s Shygirl. this is my 6th poem and I’m hoping it’s a good one.

    Smashed Glass:

    Hello, mirror.
    I’m back again.
    You’re one of the reasons I’ll
    Reach my untimely end.

    Hiya mirror.
    Reflection of me.
    I look deep into you.
    And you know what I see?

    I see a young girl.
    13 years old.
    She is shown much hate.
    But has a heart of gold.

    She came into the world.
    She met some people.
    And their words changed her thoughts into something evil.

    She was confident.
    She was happy.
    But you all ruined her.
    You turned her life crappy.

    She hates herself now.
    It’s what she thinks is right.
    Because all you did the same;
    You hated her day and night.

    She sees that mirror.
    The critical session begins.
    She gets angry then upset.
    And then she repents her sins.

    She is filled with anger.
    She notices her scars.
    She flips out in a rage.
    That just leaves smashed glass.

    Broken like me. she laughs.
    She picks up a large shard.
    She begins to cry for the final time.
    She stabs herself in the heart.

    You’re the reason she’s gone.
    You’re the reason she’s dead.
    You could’ve shown her love.
    But you chose to hate her instead…

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10 hours ago
Bless you!!undefined
320 days ago
omg everyone thank you
385 days ago
da mn. this is good. it hits hard.
398 days ago
Shygirl, you hoped right, it was, good.