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Feel Like It [POEM]

1 Chapter - 271 Words - Developed by:
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Or the sequel to 'That Sounds so Wrong', found in my not included tests cause I'm stupid: D

    Feel Like It

    Sometimes I only do stuff
    (I'm really honest no bluff)
    that when I feel like it
    cause I don't wanna get hit
    by the expectations that
    I won't be able to bat
    away cause I'm feeling blue.
    Can't put me out of my mood.

    I wish I was happy
    make this a bit more rappy,
    I wish to be a little stronger
    Hold on a little bit longer,
    Can't jus' force me to
    cause you know I ain't your boo.
    God knows what I should do,
    Because I'm feelin' so blue.

    Hear the echoes of my voice,
    God, I can't stand all this noise!
    Every little step that I take,
    cause my ego ain't that big.
    See you shouting from a distance,
    But I only hear them kittens
    meowing in my head,
    So sad I'm feelin' bit dead

    By Jovia
    Don't steal:3 Tysm

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