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I speak your name [POEM]

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This is a poem for people who don't want to let go:3
I have more in the [not included tests] because I don't know how to do it I'm stupid.

    I speak your name

    I speak your name out loud,
    Don't walk away from me, you know how,
    Can you end up in my arms again?
    Never want this to come to an end...

    It's like paper floating in the wind,
    You got to hold on now that you've seen.
    Gotta plant your roots to the ground,
    So you can always be found.

    Like a tree dancing in the breeze,
    Like a flower making me sneeze.
    Gotta hold on to that moment,
    Don't wanna lose you, like how you just went.

    Like a really, really dark passageway,
    It's so tight you can't walk away!
    I see a light shining far ahead,
    Can you please tell me that you got my back?

    I speak your name out loud,
    Can you turn back, you know how,
    Can you hold me in your arms again?
    I never want this to come to an end...

    By Jovia don't steal thank you so much:3

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177 days ago
Nice!!! Good work.🙂