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Hey y’all it's Shygirl.


    I have a deep fear.
    An insecurity.
    But I don’t speak of it.
    Mostly because you ignore me.

    I have a deep worry.
    One that I hate.
    It makes me feel low.
    All night and day.

    If I had someone to talk to,
    I’d tell them all I had to say.
    About what’s wrong with me
    And why I feel this way.

    But I don’t have someone.
    So, oh fucking well.
    Even if you were there
    You’d probably hurt me as well.

    But since you insist,
    I’ll tell you what’s wrong.
    But it should’ve been something
    You knew all along.

    Because if you were my friend
    You’d know I’m scared
    Of everyone leaving me.
    It’ll make me reach the end.

    That is my fear.
    My deepest worry.
    I doubt you even care.
    Or if you’d even be sorry.

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