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I hope all the Enbies out there who feel like this are OK. You do not deserve to feel like this. Love yourself! <3

    Another stab at my heart.
    It's not me,
    I want to cry,
    You're breaking me, breaking me,
    Stop, stop it now.
    I'm faking it and faking it,
    I wish you'd understand.
    You call me girl:
    It's breaking me, hurting me,
    I'm not your little girl.
    You're hurting me, hurting me.
    You don't know me.
    You think it's all OK.
    I'm faking it, not making it.
    Another slap in the face.
    This smile is fake:
    Can't you understand?
    And I can't take it:
    Can you hear me crying out?
    I'm not smiling!
    I wish you'd understand me,
    I wish you could hear me,
    But I'm faking it,
    I'm screaming out.
    You're breaking me,
    You're hurting me.
    I can't be any louder.
    I can't go any further.
    Please, just understand.

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