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The title explains it all...

    I run and run from the Man black
    but nothing happens because of the strength I lack

    Then I'm in a room
    oh, so white
    And I'm in a ball gown
    feeling so light

    Then a hallway of forever
    Does it end?

    To walk past the doors
    Get to the back
    But I can't because of the man in black

    Then I'm tied up in a tree
    And then an axe
    In my knee

    Then I'm falling with no ground
    Always lost
    Never found

    Then I wake up with no light
    I can't hear a sound
    Not day nor night

    Yet, a says whisper in my ear,
    "Drink the blood you thirst,"
    Is all that I hear

    I wake up in the real-world looking in a mirror
    And I see the man in black coming nearer
    Then I wave at him and he waves back
    Then it becomes clearer

    He takes off his old skin and in with the new
    To show a person, I never knew
    Like a person, I don't want to be
    It was not him or her or you,
    It was me

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173 days ago
Ugh there is another typo!? It was ment to be "man in black" instead of "man black" so so sorry about that.