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Lies like yarn

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Too many lies a girl tells, guilt will consume her.

    She tells the lies Oh so white
    They could be mistaken for wool
    And her tall tales are so wide
    Who comes upon them is a fool

    "But they understand" she tells another lie
    I shrug and say,
    "If you say one more word I think I'm going to die."
    "Well I'm not going to stop, no matter how much you pay!"

    And the deceptions unravel like yarn
    And she lies as good as a barn
    Her completion is so soft it could pass as Silk
    And her fibs are so bad they could pass as rotten milk

    She can't stop won't stop never will
    And one day she will kill
    Kill the untruth that she told
    To do such thing is so bold

    So, she will live with guilt till she dies
    And her carcass will rot along with the flies.
    And she will never be forgiven
    No matter how much revenge they serve to her,
    They will never be quite even.

    Not my best poem, but it will do... I hope you liked it. Please comment and like it! Go check out my other stuff including my other account, Lucid dreamer and I will see you again soon, later. (Please comment no one has really commented yet except me and two others. So please do! It will make my week!)

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70 days ago
@smashlee Thanks!!! Misspelling is not a big deal to me. I misspell stuff all the time! I'm very glad to hear that it was a good poem!😁
143 days ago
sorry fore the misspellingf lol
143 days ago
thius isthe best pooem of read in a while,. thanks fir this!
175 days ago
I hope you liked it!