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How cruel?

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The world doesn't use words to solve problems.

    No words can be said
    No pages can be read
    Without beauty in the world
    Or without pages unfurled
    Words are at our fingertips
    Though no one uses them
    People think dark thoughts and don't let good ones in
    How strange is the world?
    Without pages unfurled
    How afraid we are
    We make weapons for war
    We throw ourselves in a pit
    We look at ourselves as unfit
    We tell ourselves Such sad lies
    And from their hands you pry
    You pry the love that Once had
    So, you ruin it for them
    Just because you're sad
    You take your anger And fill it to the brim
    even though it's not there doing
    And they hear bombs booming
    The words are at fingertips
    But yet, we do not use
    Instead, we give each other nips and bites
    And a huge bruise
    We take each other's pearls
    So, I ask my self today
    How cruel is the world?

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