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Gasoline girl

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I write poetry and decided to share it, this is called Gasoline

    There was a girl
    A child of fire
    Molten golden bones
    And blood
    Heart of stone and silver
    Arms layered in claw marks from dragons
    Stomach sucked in from wind
    This girl is like gasoline
    She will hate you
    She will kill you
    She will destroy you
    But only internally
    Because gasoline girl couldn’t risk starting the fire
    Gasoline girl waits for a spark
    To set her aflame
    She will wait
    And wait
    And wait
    For the moment she can finally snap
    And burn her captors
    She doesn’t like bad men
    They must pay
    Are enemies of our gasoline girl
    Someday she will be peaceful
    Someday her mouth will open to food and not numbers
    She will love living
    Wake up to blessings
    Gasoline girl will be happy
    Living upon oceans and sand
    Her beach
    Her wonder and glory
    Not fire
    Just Water
    The spark.

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104 days ago
Yeah, really cool. I like your poetry, its cool!
125 days ago
This is an AMAZING poem I can never write poetry but whoever wrote this is really good. You should enter a competition and win it. Keep going with poetry. :)