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Teddy Bear

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One of my personal favorites I’ve ever written, here it is!

    Fur, a bit synthetic
    Comes in any color, every texture and all the shapes imaginable
    Unrealistic animals on children’s beds
    With plastic noses glass eyes and stitched together faces
    Stuffed with cotton.
    That’s a teddy bear, silent and snuggly,
    Filled with T-shirt material in a less processed form
    We wear the sterilized insides of children’s toys
    On our chests.
    We’re not monsters because they’re not alive
    Raw and big less threatening than they look,
    The misunderstood war heroes of the animal kingdom,
    With jaws and teeth, rubbery noses and narrowed eyes
    Restless animals and soft toys and humans
    The destroyers of the living ones.
    The cotton brings guilt we remember the slaves
    We remember the work into our clothes
    We remember the bears,
    We stuff the toys with shame as we go
    against the name of the animal that represents strength,
    The cotton is the shame
    Wiped off makeup that wasn’t good enough
    Gauze pads for wounds
    Thread to sew up imperfections
    How do we handle the cotton when we cannot handle
    The bears?
    Cuts are stuffed with guilt and padding
    The world is just a shame filled factory
    Replacing all the infants with stuffed animals,
    We look at only toys not
    Fear or heart
    How do we handle the bears when we cannot handle
    The cotton?

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97 days ago
I really liked it, it had like a real deeper meaning, the part I liked was about the slaves cuz I'm black and also wearing their insides on our chests. Never thought about it like that