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Hey I'm back, and I'm worse than ever. But it's okay. Que sera sera!



They say ignorance is bliss
So, why isn't yours?
When you ignore me
I wonder about the cause.

I wonder what I did
To make you forget me
If I do the same to myself
My life would be heavenly.

To not know who I am
To forget what I've been through.
My ignorance would be bliss.
Because I'd forget you too.

That's a good thing.
You've warped my reality.
That last blow you hit
Was almost a fatality.

Whatever it was you said,
I don't know.
Whoever you are;
Friend or foe?

I don't know who you are.
What a calamity.
I don't remember
That you were nearly my fatality.

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53 days ago
I'll be fine dont worry
58 days ago
I hope your doing okay.