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What If I Told You

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Really, I wonder how you'd react.


What If I Told You

What if I told you
I wasn't okay?
That I wasn't fine-
That it's just a thing I say.

What if I said now
What was going on in my head?
Would you support me, love me
Or maybe ignore me instead?

What if I explained
That I think about stuff-
Stuff I shouldn't think about
That would bring me into cuffs?

What if I asked
If you did the same?
In bed at night-
Thinking about fate.

What if I yell
And scream and shout?
Would you be happy
I let my anger out?

What if you knew
The truth behind my lies?
What if you learned
That I'm not truly fine?

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231 days ago
@mar thanks so much I rlly appreciate it
231 days ago
This is so good!!
231 days ago
Hey @Ada Lovelace, thanks so much
236 days ago
This is really good, and soooo true as well!!!