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Fake Scenarios

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This is more so a song than a poem but if you think about it songs and poems coincide-one's just harmonius and musical, the other is silent and thought-provoking


Fake Scenarios:

I don't want to be alone.
It's not a choice, not a lifestyle.
But my anxiety has grown.
Sorry, it's in charge now.

I wish I could forget that argument
We had 4 years ago.
But I know I won't.

At night, when I'm in bed
All these thoughts go through my head.
How different things could be.
It's hard to explain what I see.

I know I could have said this or that
But in the end I'm kind of glad
I didn't because who knows
Where I'd be without my

Fake scenarios.
I think about you when I'm alone.
In the dark, on my phone.
I'll never be safe in my own home.

Fake scenarios.
They take over, you wouldn't know.
They're always there, high or low
I'll never be rid of them. Oh, no.

I've come to love my fake scenarios.

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