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If I could

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If I could
I would
But I can't
So I shan't.

-Shygirl, 18:18, 30/1/23

If I Could:

If I could,
I would end it all
Without a doubt
I'd let my body fall

Jump the rails,
Leap over the edge.
Depression has me silent
So, I'll quiet it instead.

The voices in my head
Take over day by day
Getting stronger
With no sign of a delay

In their upcoming strength
I'll reach my long-awaited end
Anyway, so what does it matter
If I speed up the process, then?

If I could,
I'd get louder
Louder than the voices
Resist their power

If I could
I'd tell you all about it
But I can't get a word in
When you're shouting.

Are you shouting?
Or am I just quiet?
These are the things
That I think when I'm tired.

Losing sleep
Wondering and thinking
What I'd do
If I could.

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