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For my suicidal best friend, who spends his days staring at the sky.



The great ball of fire
Illuminates the sky.
Brings us beautiful day
And hides at cold night.

Look up at the blue sky
Stare at the ring of gold.
Watch as every cloud drifts by
And feel something other than cold.

Forget everything that hurts
As the sun dips out of sight.
Behold the beauty and perfection
Relax and look at the light.

As sunset arrives,
And the sky turns dark
Remember all the love
I have for you in my heart.

As night takes over
And gains control of the sky
Remember that I love you
And I don't want you to die.

As the sun lingers
At the edge of the ground.
Remember I was once lost
And because of you, I'm found.

As sunset arrives,
And I say my piece
Remember I need you.
Stay for that, at least.

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16 days ago
@Mr_Beast, I'm sorry what?-
35 days ago
I will kill you