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Hidey-Hole **POEM**

1 Chapter - 374 Words - Developed by:
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It's Shygirl again. It's been a little longer than I would have liked, but I want to let you know that you are loved and wanted by me (at least) x



When the going gets too tough,
When the people get too rough,
When the intrusive thoughts are too strong,
When I can no longer hold on,

I go to my hidey-hole.
Where it no longer feels cold.
Where I can scream and shout
And just let it all out.

It's taken me long to find
Because I was held back by my mind.
But it was worth it in the end.
Because the anxiety relents.

I no longer attempt to die
Or try and hide when I cry.
Never again will I lose a fight
To the feelings that kept me up at night.

I've risen above them now
And I am really truly proud.
Until I remember the time I missed out
And then comes the self-doubt.

Am I really over this?
Can I be proud of my wrists?
Am I really in control?
What even is my goal?

Number 1: Yes I am.
Number 2: Of course I can.
Number 3: Who else could be?
Number 4: To save somebody.

Look, I know it's tough.
It's taken a while to experience self-love.
But in my heart, I know you can.
I'm here for you, understand?

Come inside my hidey-hole.
Freak out, cry, then regain control.
You're the one in charge, nobody else.
Find your little hidey-hole and take care of yourself.


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