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House of Anubis: The College Years

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Ever wondered what happens next in the mysterious Anubis house? It can't just be over, can it? No. It's never over for Sibuna. Come find out and join the mystery!

It was the week before college started and Fabian was in his room packing. He didn't know why but he started thinking about Nina. Her eyes, her hair, the way she looked at him. He instantly realized something. He loved Nina not Mara. He grabbed his phone and dialed her number. A familiar voice said hello. "Mara, I think we should break up." He said. Now, if you were in his room at his time you would hear screaming and infuriated yelling coming from his phone. But, you are not, so it's MY job to describe the character's surroundings. Soooo.... That's what it sounded like. -back in America- ever since gran died Nina had lived with Amber in one of her dad's upscale condos. They finished school and had applied for a few colleges including the college program at Anubis. "Amber! Amber!" Nina yelled clearly excited. Amber enters the room."is it?" Amber says equally excited "yes!" Nina screams "college acceptance letters!"the two girls screamed in unison. Nina hands Amber's to her and they open them. "I didn't get into Harvord hbu?" Amber says "nah. Me neither" Nina replies (next letter) " we got into Anubis?" "Omigosh!" The girls scream at the thought of seeing their boys again -two days later- just as Amber and Nina where about to board the plane they hear a familiar voice "Nina?" They turn around and see Eddie "hey!" They say and check their tickets "first class hbu?" Amber asked "yeah! Same." Eddie replied "what row?" "3?" Nina said hopefully "darn I'm in 5" Eddie says " well I'm sure someone wouldn't mind switching seats...." Amber said hopefully. They take their seats and sure enough, someone was kind enough to switch. They caught up on the past semester and after Eddie explained how he lost his Osirian powers, the plane landed. They got off and entered the airport when they heard yet another familiar voice. "Eddie? Amber?" Said KT. They walk over to her and say "hey k! Headed to Anubis?" Eddie said. "Yeah! Do you guys wanna catch a cab together?" She offered "sure!" They replied "oh! My bad! This is" "Nina." Nina said "I used to go to Anubis but I didn't go senior year because Eddie was Osirian" Nina continued. "Oh you must be the chosen, OH! NINA! Duh KT!" She said. "I'm Fabian's girlf" she stopped "good friend. I'm not sure if he still feels the same way anymore" Nina said disappointed. The group called a cab and headed to Anubis. They walked in to the smell of freshly made cookies. "My lovelies!" Trudy said clearly excited to have all her 'lovelies' back again. She offered them cookies and they took them. Nina, Amber, and KT walked upstairs to the room that they would be sharing "ahh" Nina said as she plopped down on her old bed. Glancing over she saw stickers that said KT. "Oh sorry KT " Nina said as she jumped up off the bed "oh no! It was yours to begin with. KT said "I'll take the other bed." She said as she sat her stuff down on the third bed. Nina unpacked and walked downstairs into the kitchen just before Trudy called for dinner. She took a seat with her back facing the door they came in one by one Amber, Patricia, joy, Mara, Jerome, KT, Eddie, Alfie and finally Fabian. -pause- now, Nina cut her hair a few inches and at this particular moment she swatted her bangs down so Fabian wouldn't recognize her. -play- Fabian sits at the last available seat which is (ironically) next to Nina. She tilts her head down but Fabian senses a familiarity "do I know you?" He asks. Putting on her best British accent, she answers "I don't think so..." Trying to avoid eye contact. Fabian shrugs. as Nina reaches for the bread she accidentally pulls her bangs back just as she passes Fabians gaze. "Nina?" He says excitedly. He pulls her hair behind her ear and she says "surprise" in a weak voice. After dinner Fabian finds Nina in the attic and sits down next to her. "Why didn't you just say it was you?" Fabian asks blushing "because I was afraid that you and moved on and I wanted to know before I told you." She answered. Fabian pulled her into a kiss and says "you are my chosen one"

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