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Game of Thrones - A little different

2 Chapter - 1.367 Words - Developed by:
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This is a BTS x GoT fanfiction! So if you don't like K-Pop or something - you're warned now. ^^
Anyway, this is a little project of mine and I hope you like it.:)

    At first, a little introduction to my project:
    I'll upload a paragraph of the story every week, until the prologue is done. If by that time I've gotten some feedback (good or bad, I don't mind) I'll consider factors like school, free time and stuff and consider continuing to post my story little by little.
    With this project I want to find out if people like the way I write and if I have the chance to one day make writing from my hobby to my job. Anyway, some facts you should probably know, before we start the story:

    - As this is the first chapter / prologue, not all of the BTS members will take part in the story yet.
    - None of the characters besides Minah are mine.
    - All right go to George R. R. Martin.
    - English is not my mother language, so if a sentence sound weird, just bear with me and give some feedback. ^^

    Without further ado - let's go!

    None of the pictures I use are mine!
    All the right go to the person that made them!
    sadly, I don't know how to contact the one who made them, but I hope they won't b angry on me for using it.

    ((bold))Part 1 ((ebold)) As the sun was rising, he woke up in the ornate wooden carriage. Usually, he hated sleeping in it, but this time it was quite
    Part 1

    As the sun was rising, he woke up in the ornate wooden carriage. Usually, he hated sleeping in it, but this time it was quite comfortable. His two siblings were still asleep, so were his uncle and his mother. He watched the beautiful face of her, smiling in her sleep. Of course he knew, not many people liked her, but to him, she was one of the most admirable people in his life. She held to his father, no matter how many times the old man cheated on her, and she pretended she didn’t care – but deep down, she did. And the boy knew. And the boy knew, although he thought highly about her, she felt nothing but resentment towards him. No, his mother didn’t love him at all. Unlike his uncle. The charming man was called `Dwarf`, instead of his name Tyrion, but in his eyes, his uncle didn’t need to be tall, as he was so intelligent, that he could easily beat all of those people in a game of mind. Even his oldest nephew, who was said to be the smartest of all the king’s children.
    Slowly the boy moved to look out of the window and found an overwhelming view in front of him. The castle of Winterfell, being light up by the sun, waiting for him and his family to pass its gates. He hadn’t been there since over five years. But he never forgot them. Those two people, which showed him every day, how full of life something cold and harsh like Winterfell could be. Minha and Yoongi. If they still were so close? He didn’t know. The last letter of them arrived five years ago, in winter. And he didn’t write a letter back. It would be awkward, to see them again, under such sad circumstances, but what could he do? After all, he was the prince of Westeros and nothing would ever change, that he had many things to do. Suddenly, he felt his younger brother Tommen move next to him. He gave the little boy a gentle smile, as Tommens big blue eyes looked up to him. „When will we arrive?“, he asked quietly, fully aware of his sister, his uncle and his mother being asleep. „It won’t take long anymore. I can already see the castle.“ His smile widened. „Do you want to see it?“ The little boy nodded curiously. So carefully, to not wake the others up, he lifted his brother onto his lap and watched in happiness, how amazed Tommen was, by the big castle. He knew he was a much gentler person than his other brother Joffrey, so he tried to spend as much time as possible with his younger siblings, to show them, how to be a prince and princess the public loved, not feared. Joffrey was way too narcissistic, but he knew it wasn’t entirely his own fault. So he looked back out of the window, and tried to enjoy the scenery in front of his eyes, at least for a few moments. However, just when the boy had settled to a more comfortable position, a knight came ridden next to the carriage and opened the door. He put Tommen back next to him, and turned to the knight. „What do you want?“ „Your father ordered, you should ride into the castle, not be driven, my prince.“ He sighed. „Of course, thank you.“ He ruffled his brothers’ blonde hair and jumped out of the moving coach. The knight closed the door again and he walked over to his spotted horse. The saddle was already on the back of the animal, so he took him off the carriage and led him to the edge of the way. „Good boy“, he whispered and got on the horse. He urged the animal to the top of the group and rode alongside his second uncle Jaime and his brother Joffrey. „Oh, there you are! And – woah – you even look the same! I thought you’d turned into a woman by how long you sat in the carriage, but everything seems like you’re still the same wimp as before.“ He felt a sting in his chest. Even though Joffrey was so mean, he was still his brother, and it hurt him, when Joffrey thought about him like that. But he didn’t show it. It would just ruin even more.
    His father arrived next to him and looked at him with worry. He knew, for his father, he was very important. Since all the other children of him and his mother had blonde hair, and he was the only one, who hadn’t. His hair was dark brown, nearly black, but shone in a light brown in the sunlight. His father loved him, he knew. He wasn’t the very best at showing his love, but the boy knew, he was loved by his father more than the other children. He looked like a real Baratheon, not like a Lannister, and that brought the two of them close. But he couldn’t do anything anymore, to make his father proud. He was already the best at the Tournaments and the fights; he won against the best and most trained knights, so, what else could make him proud? The brunette boy had no idea. The only thing he knew, was, that his father wasn’t okay with his behavior. He was very shy and quiet, which made him look weak. And nobody out of the royal family was weak. Nobody. Even his cold attitude to the other contestants in his fights and his arrogant smiles, when he won again against them, couldn’t change the way his father thought of him. He just wasn’t strong enough, good enough, for his father, to be king one day. And he knew. The best, that could happen to him, was being able to be Joffreys hand, if he even was lucky enough. But the boy didn’t want to be a plain hand. He wanted to be a king. THE king.

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