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The Lost Sister ~ oc ~

5 Chapter - 1.122 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 550 taken-The story is currently being written

It's a ninjago fanfiction about the lost sister from Morro.

    Hey my name is Marie, nice to meet you. I'm here to tell you about a story about 2 little kids who lived on the streets, there named Morro and Marie.
    Morro had raven-black hair and poison-green eyes. Marie had also raven-black hair and emerald-green eyes and she was the younger one of both.

    It was not easy on the streets, they were dirty and skinny like the other kids who were there.
    They all were friends and tried to help each other. One day a man named Wu found the siblings and both became Wu's students.

    //at the time in the past //

    Wu: Morro come here please!

    The young boy runs to Wu and asks himself why Wu wants to talk with him, did he do something?

    Morro: yes Sensei?

    Wu: I think it's time to tell you.. I think you might be the green ninja.

    Wu often tells storys from elementar masters, dragons and such stuff so Morro would know that the green ninja is one of the most powerful elementar masters. He was so excited that he just changed the word "might" to "will".

    Morro: that's so cool Sensei

    He told his little sister about it.
    She was so happy for him.

    ~ the day of the test with the golden weapons~

    Marie trains outside while Morro and Sensei Wu are in a room and make the test if Morro is the green Ninja. After a while he stomps out angrily and disappointed. Marie runs to him when she noticed him.

    Marie: What's wrong?

    Morro: Sensei lied to me! He said I'll be the green ninja but I failed this stupid test! I'll prove he is wrong..I'll prove I'm the green ninja!

    Marie: wha-..

    Morro walks away and leaves her there. She starts getting tears in eyes " did he just leave without me? " thinks she.

    ~ a long while later ~

    Marie: Sensei when will he be back? He wasn't here since 5 months.

    Wu: I'm sorry but I'm not sure Marie.

    Marie: ..I'll go search him maybe he is in danger and needs my help!

    Wu: *sighs* fine but please take care of yourself and be back.

    Marie: I promise it Sensei.

    She takes some food and water with her on the way to find her older brother. A while later she finds a deep hole. She thinks " maybe he fell in " . She climbs down the hole but then she falls the rest.

    Marie: ow..

    Darkness everywhere she can't even see the sun when she looks up. She starts crying.
    She was 3 weeks in it till she died because of no water or food.

    ~ in the here and now with the ninjas ~

    Nya: a alarm..I think Morro is seen!

    Kai: Let's hurry

    They go to the place and are looking around there.

    Jay: damn this is dark here. Why are ghosts always on such scary places!

    Cole: shut up Jay

    They hear a sound for a second then a ghost girl comes out.

    All: . . .

    ?: I heard of you all. You are Sensei Wu's new ninjas.

    Zane: could you tell me what you mean by "new"?

    ?: ....how is he doing I didn't see him for like 40 - 50 years.

    Kai: ...guys I once saw this girl

    Jay: huh...where?

    Kai: when I drank tea with Sensei Wu I saw an old picture on his drawr with him and this girl on..but she looked more like a human back then.

    *silence for a while*

    ?: ...I'm Marie

    Jay: nice to meet you Marie the ghost I'm jay the human:) XD

    *she giggles*

    Marie: I wanna see Wu again

    *she flys away fast*

    Cole: ....

    Kai: ....

    Nya: .....

    Zane: ....

    Jay: ..she's kinda cute

    All: JAY!

    ~ with Wu and Marie ~

    Marie goes through the door in the room where Wu drinks his tea.

    Wu: ...how?

    Marie: I found my element power

    Wu: how long is it ago..about 51 years?

    Marie: pretty long..

    Wu: I see ya didn't make it

    Marie: yeah..I'm here to warn you

    Wu: huh?

    Marie: My brother is making a trap for the ninjas so don't let them go to the holes where Morro died.

    Wu: ..they are already on the way there.

    Marie: shit..it was nice to see ya again but I have to go to my brother now cya at the final fight.

    Wu: cya there Marie..

    ~ with Morro and Marie ~

    She sits next to Morro who chills a little bit because of his exhausting day which he had in Lloyd's body.
    She just stares at Lloyd who searches something how he could escape. She flies up to his cage.

    Marie: don't even think about escaping because...I'll find you everywhere *smirks evily*

    Lloyd would stay quiet for a moment.

    Lloyd: can I ask what your element is?

    Marie: ya know the realm crystal don't you?

    Lloyd: yes the crystal which is wanted from Morro

    Marie: don't tell Morro but *whispers* I'm more powerful than the realm crystal.

    Lloyd: ...Oh my god, does that mean ya could rule the wo-?

    Marie: Shhhhhh

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    To be continue

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