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The perfect murder

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It is the story Jughead wrote about Mr. Honey Murder but mine is slightly different

Our story begins with 4 typical teenagers who have never met but will be friends but by the end of the school year they would all have committed a homicide of their high school principal to let's introduce our characters first is Veronica is the rich girl but trying to be a nice girl this year unlike last year in new york and she also has daddy issues.betty is the perfect girl next door perfect family perfect body perfect everything but she has a darkness in her and she will do anything to stop or help someone or figure out something. Archie is the smart, nice, and protective one and goes to extremes to send a message. Jughead is the loner who keeps to himself but is very cute and finds himself a mystery!. Veronica is the new girl and Betty is giving the tour showing Veronica showing her the school but it seems Veronica dislikes the school because it's not fancy enough but it will do for her. Then veronica spots Archie she says there is a cutie over what’s his name and betty knows everything about everyone betty says his name is Archie and then veronica goes to introduce herself she starts with hello and then Archie says hello and veronica sighs and says hi I'm veronica lodge and I just transferred and moved from new york I was hoping you could be my date to the back to the school dance and maybe my tour guide betty could come along as well and we won't take no for an answer Archie then says I guess we could go veronica says I will pick you both up at 8. Betty and Veronica head to class and they are biology partners and Archie then see sees that Veronica and her tour guide Betty are in the same class but then Archie gets his thoughts interrupted by Mr.began saying Archie this is your new permanent biology partner who is Jughead. It is now time for lunch Betty and Veronica get talking and making amends until terrible news has spread all over the town. Cheryl blossom's brother died! Cheryl claims that she and Jason took a ride out to sweetwater river on July 4th for boat ride when Cheryl dropped her glove in the water Jason reached down to get it but tipped the boat and Cheryl was found along sweetwater river on rocks by Dilton Doiley who was leading scouts and also that day all the student were just informed principal Weatherbee is being replaced by Mr.honey and he would be arriving tomorrow. It is now time for back to school dance Betty is wearing this beautiful pink simple dress and Veronica is wearing this lovely black short dress while Archie is wearing a plain tuxedo. Meanwhile, while they are at the party the new principal is giving a speech about the new rules and the consequences.betty, veronica, Archie were getting annoyed and mad because the rules were absurd and that's when jughead walked in looking good as hell and betty didn't know much about jughead she always found him a mystery!.Betty couldn’t help wonder what he is like so betty curiously walked over to jughead and started a conversation but then realized she was starting to get interested in jughead. jughead also is starting to feel a spark!.meanwhile, Veronica and Archie get talking and they are both feeling a spark.the dance soon ends but before it does betty takes jughead to introduce him to Archie and veronica and it seems they get along. It is now the new principal's first day. Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Archie are in biology class but are quarrel- with the teacher to switch partners and they won the quarrel so betty and veronica are switching with Jughead and Archie. Archie and veronica are now permanent partners for the remainder of the year and also as well betty and jughead have been assigned to study together over the weekend for the biology test they have on Monday. Betty and jughead walk to betty’s house to study and go up to betty room but while there are studying jughead starts getting a feeling he should kiss betty so jughead goes with his instinct to kiss betty jughead nods and says “betty I’ve been feeling something for you for a while even before you walked over to me and the dance and started talking ” jughead leans in to kiss betty but before jughead can kiss betty she says “jughead I’ve just started feeling this way about you but I think this will work!. Jughead tries again to lean in for a kiss and Betty leans in as well and they have kissed and have both felt like they were floating!. Moving onto Veronica and Archie have arrived at Archie's house veronica confessed to feeling a spark but surprisingly Archie did not because he did not want to rush into something he was not so sure about then veronica was embarrassed and sad so veronica said “umm Archie could you tell me where the bathroom is?” Archie said “down the hall to the left” veronica left the room quietly when she got to the bathroom she looked in the mirror and thought a million things like “what’s wrong with me, why am I not enough, does he have a girlfriend and then she realized she was having a nervous breakdown! And then she reached into her bag to pull mascara and lip balm flavored cherry.veronica returned to Archie's room and said “apologies to you Archie for presupposing that you would like or feel a spark for me. I'm sorry!” Then Archie suddenly says “it’s ok and I'm sorry I do feel a spark but I didn't want to rush into anything” Veronica has a confused and relieved expression on her face. Veronica said to Archie “it’s ok I’m used to being rejected for god sake I’m veronica FREAKING lodge!” Archie said “ listen to veronica I’m not going to reject you and your beautiful veronica there is nothing wrong with you I promise you just try to make everyone happy but yourself so I hope I’m allowed to do this” Archie suddenly leans in for a kiss!. It is Saturday and Veronica and Betty have decided to meet at Betty's house. Betty then tell veronica about her night with jughead how she admitted to him there was a spark and he also noticed and they kissed and have become a couple and then veronica tells betty about her night with Archie she told her at first when she admitted that she had a spark he denied he had one but then later explained why he lied about not having a spark and how they kissed and have also become a couple. Betty and Veronica head off to school as Jughead and Archie catch up to them and greet them with a kiss and hand holding all the way to school. It is now time for lunch and Cheryl blossom has now made her way over to Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Archies table and announced she was having a party and that the newest and latest couple is Betty and Jughead, and Archie and Veronica should come. Cheryl stepped onto their table and announced to the whole school that Betty and Jughead and Veronica and Archie. As they all fixate on Cheryl they suddenly leave the cafeteria of Embarrassment not because they were the newest couple but because they were not used to sharing their personal life and also not used to everyone browsing them. As they walked away the principal approached them and then said I’ve noticed that you Ms.cooper write for the blue and gold I would like for you to only write about educational things, not nonsense Betty was furious and was about to disagree with his idea until he said to betty “if you disagree I will have to remove you from the blue and gold” Betty the made a fist but did not punch as Betty released her fist she realized that she had then made a fist so hard because of all her anger that it had made her dig her fingernails so deep into her palm she was left with bloody crescent moon shaped wounds in her hand but she chooses to not tell anyone about it not even her lover Jughead. As they all headed home they decided to go over to Betty’s house and have a horror, romance, drama movie night!. Their night was going good until they had gotten an email from Mr.honey their principal the email said “dear student of Riverdale high you have by the end of this week to write a 10-page essay on Riverdale high school thank you and if you do not complete this assignment then you will be staying after school with the janitor to clean up the whole school sincerely your principal Mr.honey!. They were all very excited to write this essay until they realized that today was Wednesday and it was 11:49 pm and in 11 minutes they would exactly have 2 days to the 10-page essay. They were all confused and furious then Betty pulled out her laptop and began to write an email to Mr.honey the email said “Dear Mister honey It is completely impossible to write a 10-page essay about Riverdale High and just 2 days I am certainly getting tired of this you made new rules and new consequences this is absurd I do not understand this will be impossible to do and you're saying if we don't complete the 10-page essay in 2 days that we will stay after school with the janitor and clean the whole school that is wrong mister honey I will not allow this go ahead I will not write this 10-page essay about Riverdale High go ahead send me after school to clean up the whole school of the janitor I will not be there Mr honey Sincerely your student Betty Cooper.” Archie Veronica and Jughead read the email they were cheering on Betty because she had made a point and a great argument. The next 2 days past by Jughead, Archie, Veronica did the essay but had worked day and night because betty told them that she would make the point on her on and so they listened to Betty and when it was the final day to finish the essay Mister honey came to each and every classroom and collected the essay’s until he got to the current class betty was in… he collected all the papers from everyone but Betty and mister honey went to the front of the class and said to everyone but mainly Betty “ Betty cooper you will stay after school with the janitor and clean the whole school” everyone gasped in shock and turned to Betty and then Betty rises from her seat and say’s “i will not do that such thing mister honey everyone but me in the entire school did the essay you may ask why it’s because a student would not like to stay after school and do dirty work when they could be out having fun or watching a movie or even doing other work no one has time for that and if I'm correct i’m pretty damn sure that’s why we have janitor! Am I right”? As Betty finished her argue everyone in her class cheered her on and betty felt like a god but she was one for always winning an argument and then Mr.honey said “Ms.cooper you are getting suspended for 10 days and also will write the 10-page essay or I will just have to write a little note to yale and you will be expelled and will be transferred to southside high school”. Betty had no choice but to take the deal or else she would be spend the remaining of the year at southside high away from Veronica, Archie and most importantly Jughead Betty singh's with disappointment she had not only made a great argue but also made matters worse either way she would have t write the 10 page essay and be getting suspended for 10 days so Betty completed the 10 page essay and then sent an email to mister honey saying “dear mister honey i'm sorry for making an argument in class but I had good reasons I won’t explain I have completed the 10 page essay sincerely your student Betty cooper”. 10 days pass betty returns to school but as she enters school everyone gives her a congrats look Betty sighs in relief until mister honey would like to see her in his office and when Betty arrives into mister honey’s office he tells Betty, “Ms.cooper I understand why you made and argument but I have to say it was a damn good argument and I loved you 10 page essay about riverdale high but i’m sorry to inform you that you will be suspended from the blue and gold for 1 week top” Betty look at mister honey with a furious look she had made a fist again and when she released her fist her palm had bloody crescent moon shaped wounds again...later that day Betty calls over Veronica, Jughead, Archie to discuss how mister honey is torturing Betty.Jughead says “Betty he is torturing all of us he says i'm not allowed `to wear my beanie or write in any of my classes only after school and I did the whole year book right on the deadline and he said there will be no year book this year and I put almost 1 month into that'' Betty then says i’m sorry I had no idea jughead. Archie and Veronica then say “he has also tortured me and Archie we were in the student lounge hugging and he said I will not allow physical contact this is a school, not a bedroom you have to respect the rules and he won't allow Archie to write songs for Josie and the pussycats because he also banned Josie and the pussycats from Riverdale high school and won’t allow Veronica to help other kids for the test because he said if she does that then he will write a note to Harvard so she had to step down because she has chances of getting into Harvard!.So Betty then had a thought: what if she corrected herself as in her, Jughead, Archie, Veronica could get rid of mister honey but first they would have to wait and see all the problems mister honey would cause but for now they would have to wait!.

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