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The Story Of Tracy Beaker part 2

2 Chapter - 229 Words - Developed by:
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This is the next part of the story of Tracy beaker by Jacqueline Wilson. If you have not already read part 1 before reading this.

    I am CM's tall. I don't know. I've tried measuring with a ruler but it keeps wobbling about and I can't reach it properly. I don't want the other children to help me. This is my private book.

    I weigh KGS. I don't know that either. Jenny has got scales in her bathroom but their stones and pounds. I don't weigh any of them. I'm a little titch.

    My eyes are Black and Witchy. I quite fancy being a witch. I'd make up all these incredibly evil spells and wave my wand and ZAP Louise's golden curls would fall out and, and I have lots of zaps in my head but they wouldn't fit in the page.


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563 days ago
Hey I have been reading your tracy beaker stories, I like them they are cool, I guess!