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The Story Of Tracy Beaker

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Part 3

My hair is Fair and very long and curly I am telling fibs. It's dark and difficult and it sticks up in all the wrong places.
My skin is Spotty when I eat lots of sweets.
I started this book on I don't know. Who cares what the date is? You always have to put the date at school. I got fed up and put2091 in my daybook and wrote about all these rockets and spaceships and monsters legging it down from Mars to eat us all up as if we'd whizzed 100 years into the future. Miss Brown didn't get half narked.

More things about me
Things I like
My lucky number is 7. So why didn't I get fostered by a rich family when I was seven?

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692 days ago
Hey I have been reading your tracy beaker stories, I like them they are cool, I guess!