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Lost (A TNS story)

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I couldn’t hold tight enough, and all was lost…

    A/N this story is gonna be posted as a different “story” for each chapter, so enjoy!

    Richelle POV: We’re just marking our routine ready for tomorrow. Noah and I managed to pull as back to life in the ballet duet, and I’m so excited to dance with him again. Last time we were at regionals, the team was great, but I don't feel like we were as united as we are now. We’re unstoppable.

    We finish rehearsing, so Emily and Michelle tell everyone to go back to their hotel room and freshen up for tomorrow. I sleep with Noah, Summer and Henry. Our room was the only one with the double beds, so it basically had to go to us four. We’re the only couples on the team. I mean, people have been shipping Piper and Finn, but there’s no way Pipers dating someone on the team anytime soon after what happened with Josh.

    Hummer (Henry and Summer) lie down and start acting all cutesy. Noah and I are sensible, so we won’t act crap around them and be stupid, especially the night before the regionals final. I’m probably gonna head to bed now anyway - Noah’s in the shower, and he’s taking absolutely forever. I guess the myth of night showerers taking longer than morning showerers is true. I hope we can beat Encore, I don’t care where we place as long as we’re above Encore. I’m not too fussed about AcroNation, the rule #1 of a dance studio is to BE VERSATILE. They can only do acro, and if they barely manage to win, they’ll have no chance at nationals. Plus, Thalia, Eldon and Amy are on the team, and they’re hands down better than Lily and Miss Angela.

    **8hrs later,** Noah’s alarm starts going off. He sets it for 5:45 in the morning, I’ll sleep in until 6:30 if I’m alone; we’re not grandmas who wake up the same time drunk 21-year-old partiers go to bed. But in 15 minutes, Emily will probably send everyone a screaming voicemail, “team, up!”
    “Well, it’s only fifteen until Emily’s voicemail ritual, so I say we’re good.” Noah says, nodding and stretching out. I smile. I love him. But all of a sudden, I lose track of his cuteness, and I twitch oddly. Shrugging it off, I slap Henry on the arm.
    “Wake up!”
    “Tell that to Summer. She’s never experienced one of Emily’s voicemails.”
    “They can’t be that bad,” Summer says, lying back on her stomach. “I’m tired.”
    “You just wait and see,” I mutter to Noah and Henry, and we all share a silent giggle. Before long, Emily’s ear-piercing alarm thunders off.
    “Called it,” I say, and Summer groans.
    “Jeez, could’ve given me a warning.”
    “We did!” Me, Noah and Henry exclaim.
    “Well, I didn’t hear.” Summer buries her face back into the pillow. Henry tries to snatch the pillow from her, but I get distracted by the thundering knock on the door.
    “Can I come in?” A voice says, and in walks Michelle, in a pink nightgown and a low bun and face mask.
    “So, ready for today?”
    “Ready as I’ll ever be!” I say, so excited.
    “Great! Emily wanted me to tell you all that since you didn’t reply to her voicemail, you have five minutes to get yourselves sorted and meet us to have breakfast. Otherwise, you’ll be going on an empty stomach.”
    The boys instantly jump up and Henry grabs his suitcase and says to Noah, “Dibs washroom first!” I groan, standing up to open the curtains, and seeing the beautiful building below us. I’m ready to kill it today. But, one thing stays in my mind. What was that twitch?

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