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Kylie was the youngest of the mixed Kardashian/Jenner family. With the struggle of her parents divorcing and everyone being too busy with their lives, Kylie still managed to keep her life in order. She is an A student and keeps her grades up at all times. This was her senior year of high school, and she is usually known for her sister’s fame, over her own life. Meanwhile, Harry Styles, One Direction hottie has been stepping way out of the line for way too long. So, they brought in the good girl to straighten him out. But, no one knew how much of a secret 1D fangirl she is.

"Mom. Breakfast." I said, putting the pancakes on the table. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Mom all came downstairs. Penelope ran to me. "Auntie Kylie!" She screamed. I hugged my niece and kissed her forehead. "Morning, Sunshine." I said, smiling. I tied up my short black hair and forced the green parts into a bun. Shoving food into my mouth, Kendall looked disgusted.
"What?" I asked, swallowing my pancakes. "That's gross, Kyles." I dropped my fork onto the glass plate, and scoffed, and everyone looked up. "I'm so sorry that I'm not the most professional model in the family that can't make one mistake without being judged by every single freaking person who sees it." I said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone. 10 Instagram notifications. 3 from Twitter. Nice.
"Kylie. Attitude." Mom said, getting up to wash her plate. "Well, at least my attitude is the one real thing I have. Everything else is "oh, your mom is Kris Jenner" and "was your sister really married to Kanye West". Gosh." I got up and grabbed my book bag. "Off to school. The only place to get away from this place." I said and walked out. I got in my car and drove to school.
Ms. Jenner. To the principal's office. Repeat Kylie Jenner report to Mrs. Jones's office." My heart dropped. It couldn't be my grades. I was in an A average. Not my behavior, I'm always polite to my teachers. I got up slowly and went. Knocking on her door, I opened. And..my heart dropped yet again. But for a good reason. One Direction was in our school.
"H-hi..you called me in, Mrs..Jones." I said, slowly. "Have a seat Kylie. You're not in trouble, just please, sit." I did as told and sat down, moving my short hair out of my face. "Kylie, we need your help." Niall spoke up once Mrs. Jones gave the signal. "Um..for what exactly?" I said, trying to hide my smile. If anyone knew me, which my best friend Mandee knew, you know that One Direction was any song on my phone, any poster on my wall, or any CD I owned. I loved them. Seriously.
"Our buddy, Harry, is going through a rough time here in LA. Drinking too much, and getting in trouble with management. Recently, he got out of a bad relationship. He did something..bad. He needs a good girl to straighten him up." My eyes widened and I looked to Mrs. Jones.
"Wh-..why did you come to Mrs. Jones for this?" I asked, putting my book bag down. "She is..Anne's old friend. She looked for her for help. We needed the best senior we could get, and Mrs. Jones simply requested you." Louis said. I slowly nodded.
"So let me confirm..you want me, an average teenage girl to hang with you guys to straighten out the band's bad boy for a few weeks?" I asked. “Two things. Mrs. Jones referred you because you aren't an average teen. You’re parents and siblings are known to fame. And, its not for a few weeks. It's for the rest of our tour." Liam added.
I nodded. Harry just looked down in shame, then spoke up. "If you don't want to..we understand. It's my fault." Harry said, looking up at me. His long hair, hung as low as his head was. "Why not?" I said smiling. Harry smiled politely. I gave them our address to come pick me up at 8.
"We'll be there at eight. Get clothes for about a few months." I nodded and went back to class while Mrs. Jones snuck the four boys out. One thing..I had to leave school. Fact: I have to tell Mandee. Fact: She's gonna kill me. Why? Well, she liked them before I did and well, she's just gonna be jealous.

"So, Mandee can we talk?" I said during lunch. She nodded. "ImgoingtobeontourwithOneDirectionfortheremai ning m onthsofthetour." I said quickly. She widened her eyeballs. "What? Why? How." The last one was a command, not a question. Once explaining it, she nodded in understanding and we hugged. "Keep in contact and don't be a stranger." She said with a wink.

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