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All of you Larmau fans out there I present to you My own story. This is kinda based of this youtube Aphmau go give her love and check her out please.
Anyway let's not delay and begin

    "LAURANCE, LAURANCE WHERE ARE YOU!" Aphmau shouted frightened. "Aphmau what's wrong? Garroth came running out to her (yes I know he is stuck in the Irene dimension whatever). "Garroth have you seen Laurance I haven't seen him in days it's not like him to disappear like that!" Aphmau said starting to tear up. "Now that you mention it no I haven't, did you check everywhere in Phoenix drop?" Garroth said embarrassed. "Yes I have even Okhasis, Meteli, Scalswind, even new Meteli!" Aphmau stated. "Oh we- -" Garroth's sentence was caught off. "Garroth come on we need to go" Dante emerged out of the bushes. "c-coming Dante" Garroth turned to Aphmau. "I need to go I know you’re going to find Laurance don't worry" Garroth smiled and ran toward Dante. "Bye thank you Garroth" Aphmau said but he was already gone alongside Dante.
    "Where could he be, was it something I said?" Aphmau said to herself. " Of course not" Sasha jumped off a rock almost reading Aphmau's mind. "B-but but how?" Aphmau was so confused. "This is Sasha your talking about" Sasha leaping away through the bushes. "HEY! wait Sasha do you know where Laurance is?" Aphmau pleaded with hope. "Why yes I do" Sasha giggled. "You do where tell me now" Aphmau demanded puffing out her chest!. "Fine jeez he is in the woods just right over there with Michi, but I don't know where in the woods" Sasha said spinning around in the opposite direction. "THANKS SASHA!" Aphmau called after her, but she didn't hear a reply. She didn't care she ran toward the bushes imagining Laurance and Michi together. "Oh no" Aphmau ran toward the bushes faster than ever.

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573 days ago
(red))It was good though I must admit I would add in some people to the storyline of all of MCD 8P
573 days ago
Aarmau is the beast Aaron can beat up Laurance any day even if Laurance went into Shadowknight mode 8P
804 days ago
Good fanfic but ... AARMAU IS BETTER!!!!!! Sorry fan girl. =)
1371 days ago
Idk why ppl ship laurmau anyways I like Aarmau better! -w-
2608 days ago
THAT WAS REALLY GOOD!! I'm an Aphmau fan myself and that was actually really detailed in the beginning and I really liked it.