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Septiplier is alive!

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Markiplier denied that Septiplier (the ship name for him and jacksepticeye) is dead. This fan-fic proves it him wrong! ;)

A young Markimoo hears his phone ring. "Now, who could that be?", he thinks. Mark picks up the phone. "Hello?". The sweet, always screaming, Irish voice that responds is familiar. "Hey, Mark! I'm in L.A.! Mind me coming over!". "Oh hey Sean! Yeah, when will you be at my place? Do you remember the directions from the airport?". Mark is eager to see Sean. "Yea, I remember. Be there in 10!". "Ok!", Mark replies, while running around the house cleaning up, and getting ready. "Bye!" Sean shouts (as usual). "Buh byeee!." says Mark, just like in his videos. "Man, oh man, oh man! Mark is so cute, I hope I look good!", Sean says to himself, squealing. "Ahhhh! Have to get ready!" Mark thinks, sprinting around.

10 minutes later...

*Back that a$$ up remix plays as doorbell sound"

"Coming!" says Mark, running to the door. He takes a deep breath, and opens the door, to see a lovable Irish man, with green hair standing at his doorstep. "Hey, Mark!" Sean shouts! "Sean, it's been so long!" Mark answers, trying to sound as handsome as possible. "Man, is he hawt..." Sean thinks. "Come in, would you like some water, or maybe some potatoes?" teased Mark. "Potatoes sound good!" Sean laughed, understanding the joke. Mark and Sean joked around, amused with each other.

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164 days ago
Uh, if the creator already said that the ship isn't real, then it's not real.
How would YOU like it if you were shipped with someone you were completely platonic with?
Also, you should space out your diologue.
Like this;
"Blah blah blah," *insert description*
Blah blah blah!" *insert description*
382 days ago
this wasn't even a quiz...
667 days ago
That's it? Noooooo! I need more.
949 days ago
Why am I here at 2 o'clock in the morning
1538 days ago
that was surprisingly good because there was no😘description