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A Laurmau summer

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Here a laurmau fanfic

    *A carriage pulls up to a small long cabin*
    Driver: *Opens door* Here we are Miss Aphmau
    Driver: *gets in and drives way after putting her luggage on the ground*
    ?: You must be Aphmau
    Aphmau: Yes.
    ?: I'm Laurence, It's nice to meet you *Thinking to himself* Wow, she's stunning
    Aphmau: It's such a pretty cabin.
    Laurence: thank you, My family inherited it from my Grandparents.
    Aphmau: I can't wait to see the inside
    Laurence: well you don't have to. *He winks at her* If you'll just follow me. *He picks up one suitcase and she picks up her other*
    Laurence: I can get the other If you'd like
    Aphmau: No thank you, this one is very important to me
    Aphmau: Wow, it's so pretty
    Laurence: *Quietly* Not as pretty as you
    Aphmau: Huh?
    Laurence: Oh Nothing. Here’s the Kitchen and dining room. And over here is the living room. We don't have cable up here in the mountains but we do have Netflix.
    Aphmau: Cool
    *they head upstairs*
    Laurence: this is my room. My sisters are right next to mine and yours will be across from mine.
    *They go in to Aphmau's room and her eyes light up instantly*
    Aphmau: I love it
    Laurence: Good. It's got a great view of the Lake. We love swimming there. Speaking of which everyones out there now. How about you get on your swimsuit and I’ll meet you downstairs.
    Aphmau: Ok. Um...Laurence...
    Laurence: Yes?
    Aphmau: Thank you for the tour
    Laurence: *He gives her a handsome smile* No problem, Beautiful
    *He leaves*
    Aphmau: Beautiful? Wow, he's so dreamy....
    *She gets her bathing suit on*

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