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Yeah well yeah. It’s an Aphmau thing.

    Once there was a door. It’s name was Doore. Nobody paid much attention to it except a boy named Garroth. He loved to punch that door ever since he was little. When he was about 24, him and his friends were at his house. “And why do we need to see this door, again?” One of his friends, Lucinda, asked.
    “BECAUSE I SAID SO,” Garroth shouted. “Sorry for shouting but I want this door to be human. I want to see what she’d look like.”
    Lucinda’s eyes widened. “You want me to use my magic on a door?” (Lucinda is a witch by the way) She laughed. “Okay Gar, fine.”
    Garroth smiled as Lucinda whipped up some weird blue light in her hands and threw it at the door. The blue light swirled around the door and the door stayed a door once the light went away. “What?” Garroth was confused. “It didn’t work....LUCINDA!”
    Lucinda snorted. “I don’t have magic to turn a DOOR into a HUMAN. It’s not possible.”
    Garroth shrugged. “Whatever. She’s beautiful just the way she is.” He hugged the door and whispered, “I love you, Doore. I do and always will. I guess I’m the only one who ever will.” And then everyone had to leave because Garroth started crying.

    But even after all of that, Doore was happy with Garroth hugging her.

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Hwat the hell i disnt even swear WHAT???
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This sucks! 💗!