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Funnehs Story

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We are going to go through Funnehs story! Remember, most sentences are based on Remake of How well do you know it's funnel and the krew?

Hello, My name is Kat or Katherine, I was born in Canada, September 2011, And this is how, I am gonna show you I became the person I am with the help of you guys. Now, let's start off with my family, I have four siblings, They are Alec, Kim, Betty. And Wenny, And, we kinda get into trouble.... hehe...

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749 days ago
Hey umm this is fake it’s ALLEN NOT ALEC and born in 2011? She would’ve turned 9 this year
801 days ago
So beautiful it was great I'm
gonna watch funneh for ever
945 days ago
nice story but her brothers called allen not alec..heh