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The Hidden Secrets (InquisitorMaster story)

5 Chapter - 1.768 Words - Developed by:
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Jade sighed as she sat up in bed, She looked over at Alex, Peacefully sleeping.She just couldn’t sleep.She got out of bed and headed down stairs to get some toast.But Jade heard voices “Yeah I know, But, She might.” It sounded like...Zach? And then a voice that sounded like Drake said “You don’t get it at all....She’s hard to get.” Who was hard to get? Why was Drake talking to Zach about this? Jade almost laughed a little of what she just thought.That Drake was talking about HER.Yeah RIGHT. She was just...Jade.And he was so different from her.Jade decided to walk in and interrupt.She came in and said “What are ya guys talking about?” Drake turned around frightened and said “JADE! Um...Hi! Nice to see you.Why are you outta bed?” Jade replayed “couldn’t sleep.” What about you guys” Zach still hadn’t said a word.Just looking at Drake.Drake said “same reason, I guess...” Zach interrupted the awkwardness and said “um, Let's all just watch a movie.We can watch inquisitormaster subscribe adventure!” Jade smirked “Can we PLEASE watch something else?” And laughed.Drake nodded and smiled.Zach said “Oh FINEEEEE” And they watched a movie.Still, Jade couldn’t get, What they were talking about before she came in

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