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LDshadowlady loves cats this is the (made up) story of how she got buddy

Lizzie has been looking for a cat for months she has looked at websites, pet stores everything you can imagine! One day she was looking at a website and saw a tiny small kitten with brown markings she thought to herself "I need this cat!" she quickly entered her email and contacted the website they said someone wanted him but still needed time to decide this worried her she was looking for what seemed like forever and now the cat she had finally found might get adopted by someone else. She went to the store and got cat supplies for it she knew there was a small chance of getting the kitten but she still had to try. When she got home she set up the cat stuff and thought of names "hmmm. Chester? Nah maybe buddy? yeah buddy!" she thought. She emailed the website once again and she said she would play 100 more dollars than what it was already. the website said she needs a good set up and they need to check if the other people wanted it. Lizzie went to bed thinking about if the people wanted the kitten she was scared but excited.

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