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Swoosh (Zane-Chan)

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A possessed brother. A frantic lover. A selfless act. What could go wrong?

A retelling of the events in Season 6 Episode 8 pt 2 of Aphmau's MyStreet.

Kawaii-Chan x Zane

    “Nana, no!” Zane’s voice rang out in the still room. Out of the corner of her eye, Kawaii-Chan could see him spring up from behind a counter.
    “What’s going on?” she asked. She could see Garroth, but something seemed off, and he was walking forwards with a strange sword in hand. His eyes glowed an eerie green, and he had a stone cold expression on his face.
    “Nana, go back!” Zane screamed. As he yelled out, Garroth approached him with the sword brandished high. A wave of realization washed over Kawaii-Chan as she put two and two together.
    “No…” she whispered. This couldn’t be happening. Almost on pure instinct, she leaped forward and placed her body between the two. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as the danger of the situation weighed in. “Garroth, please. You don’t want to hurt anyone.”
    Her eyes warily watched as the sword was slowly lowered from an attacking position. “This isn’t really how you are. He is your brother. You love him,” she said softly. She met his eyes. “We can get through this.”
    It seemed as though her words had an effect on him. The green dimmed for a moment, and his humanity seemed to return. But just as soon as it arrived, it disappeared again. Abruptly, the glowing green doubled in power. With a shaking hand, the sword jerkily raised again, and without giving her even a second to react to what was happening, the sound of a blade cutting through the air rushed into her ears.
    A burst of pain exploded in her chest. She could feel a searing pain stretch in a line from her shoulder to her hip. All of a sudden, the world turned black and white. She could only see flashes of color, and she could only hear a voice that she seemed to remember from a past life.
    “Nana… Nana!” a voice screamed. It took Zane a moment to realize that it was his own. He could barely see past the tears that blurred his vision. “Please… please stay with me” he choked out.
    But the only thing that responded in the room was his own echo.

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