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The beginning

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A young kit will learn how to defend herself from the nature that lies ahead. After her mother and sibling "Vanished". She'll do anything to find them again.

    The new beginning Petal dancer awoke from her den in a small mountain side. She yawned and stretched her back in an arch. "I couldn't say th
    The new beginning
    Petal dancer awoke from her den in a small mountain side. She yawned and stretched her back in an arch. "I couldn't say that was the best sleep of my life" Petal dancer straightened her ears. "I suppose I can go get some prey. I am starving" Petal dancer ran to in the forest. Petal dancer stood straight up and moved ears left to right. Listening to prey that lies ahead. Petal dancer heard movement in the dark green bushes To the left of her. She spotted a fluffy small tail, nibbling on some grass. "A baby rabbit? I guess it'll do" Petal dancer crouched on her hind legs and proceeded to walk forward. She accidentally stood on a small twig. The rabbit lifted its small head and yipped in alarm. It pounced on its little legs and fleed. Petal dancer put all her speed on and chased down the rabbit. Petal dancer jumped on the rabbit, dodging the rabbit's fleeing legs, the rabbit was flinching but it was dead. "Got it!" Petal dancer crouched over the rabbit and took small bites out of it. The warm fresh blood felt good in her hungry jaw. "Ugh... i'm still hungry" Her stomach growled. She walked a few steps and from there she could see the thunder path. "I really got this far" Petal dancer looked around in case there might be danger, and walked over to the thunder path to go across. "What do you think you’re doing" A strange voice called. Rose petal jumped back in alarm. "Who are you? Please don't hurt me" Petal dancer looked away from the strange cat. "Hehe sorry didn't mean to scare you" The older cat cleared her throat. "My name is River ripple and you are? River ripple has complete ease. "My name is... Petal dancer" Petal dancer relaxed from the seizure. "Well if you’re thinking about going across there be careful ok" River ripple pointed to the thunder path with a paw. "I will I just need to get back to my den" Petal dancer exclaimed. "Ok I'll see you around, if you need anything just go to the river right over there" River ripple meowed and relaxed by the shore. "I think that was the most calmest cat ever" Petal dancer had a confused grin on her face. "Well I should be heading home" Petal dancer yipped and ran forward.

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454 days ago
ggg-good? I do think you need to work on it. I mean all Peateldancer did was catch a rabbit and talk to Riverripple. Good Luck!! ;>
710 days ago
Sorry to if that sounded rude.
710 days ago
It's nice but you you to work on it some more and I agree with Sandpaw.
741 days ago
That was great! You should make a book about her backstory and some sequels now ;w;
1062 days ago
Is my name good?lol.Flagpost of ThunderClan
1091 days ago
And I agree with Sandpaw
1091 days ago
Or sentences, for that matter.
1091 days ago
1127 days ago
🤨Uh...what?where’s the plot?
1182 days ago
1182 days ago
To much ‘Petal dancer’ this and ‘Petal dancer’ that ADD MORE ‘SHE’S‘ AND ‘the she-cat’ and ‘hers’
1228 days ago
Grrrr oof um no offense but this was really bad
1278 days ago
nice, but short and capital letters plus spaces
1735 days ago
This was nice, although a bit short.
1952 days ago
My goodness, can you add capital letters and put spaces where they’re supposed to go?