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Wolfpacks- Prologue, Warriorcats Fanfiction- Chapter One

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The prologue to the WolfPack fanfiction series. Join Kakai on his adventure to the Golden Stones and how he became leader of a whole new generation of MagicWolves. (Quiz- MagicWolf: What is your Wolf name, and what is the name of your pack?)

The Quest

Kakai padded over to his mother, who was crouched on the rocky floor of the cave, moaning. "Falca." He murmured, nuzzling her with his nose.
Falca blinked sorrowfully. "Kakai." she said softly, licking his fur with her strong tongue. "I will never see you again."
Kakai nodded, and he felt tears coming to his eyes. "Tokazo had a dream, a prophecy, by our ancestors. We should follow it." he said. "Half of this wolf pack will go out to find new lands and live there. One of the wolves was me."
Falca moaned again. "My son. I will never see you again. How cannot I be depressed? You leave tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, and you never come back. Us wolves of the Pack of Falling Stones have always stayed together. Now, we split into two."
"Yes." Kakai muttered. "I'll find a way to come back somehow." But even he knew that the mere idea was useless.
Falca shook her head. "I wish much for you, Kakai, but there is no way to come back. Even the ancestors admitted that. Only... do not forget me, Kakai. We shall meet after we die. In the Pack of the Ancestors."
Kakai nodded. "I will never forget you, mother." He pressed his nose to his mother's fur and padded away, his pawsteps echoing in the hallow cave. As the dawn came slowly, the sun crept out from the earth, and rays of light flooded into the cave, Kakai rose and, padding to his final place before the quest, etched the words in his mind again and again...
"I will never forget you, mother. I never will."

Okay. That was the first chapter. Stay tuned for the next! XD

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611 days ago
wow! what a great story! descriptive language, colorful characters, and a great plot!
708 days ago
I thought that this was cats not all wolves T-T
722 days ago
That was too short ;~;
1306 days ago
I like it! It's a good, strong start for an amazing story.
1456 days ago
Noice so far! Keep it up :)