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Echowing's Power

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Echokit is granted by a Starclan cat the ability to know her opponent's weaknesses and how to attack and come at it the right way. But who would guess how much terror would come in one simple power?


Chapter 1

The wind ruffled Echokit’s black fur. She was soon to be made an apprentice. She thought of herself as a prepared, responsible, kind kit, and yes it was true. She would be made a perfect apprentice, yet she still felt mouse-brained. “I can’t believe we’re finally going to be made warrior apprentices!” Echokit’s brother, Waterkit, meowed. Echokit sighed. “ I know… Oh, what if they don’t like me! What if I’m the worst warrior ever to exist!” Echokit may have been more prepared and more responsible but she was very worrisome. “If they don’t like you, then I’ll run away from this clan.” Waterkit purred. Echokit and Waterkit’s mother- Diamondclaw- started licking them very clean for their apprentice ceremony. Echokit let her white mother do Waterkit’s fur while she did her own. She gave her mother a sympathetic glance. “You always were more responsible.” Diamondclaw muttered, hoping her son didn’t hear. Waterkit jumped away from his mother’s tongue and started digging in the damp ground of the nursery. “What are you doing?” Asked Echokit, very curiously. Waterkit waited a couple of heartbeats until his hole was about as deep as three paws put on top of each other. “I wonder if when I’m an apprentice they’ll let me store secret prey here in this hole for Diamondclaw.” He meowed finally. Diamondclaw chuckled. “Oh, that’s very kind of you but I don’t know how the other queens will feel about it. Nor Lightstar.” “Well I guess your right…. I’ll still go on extra patrols for you though!” He meowed, hoping to give something to the mother who raised him from the moment he was born. Diamondclaw smiled. Suddenly Echokit’s father, Moonstripe, came in holding something in his jaws, two voles and one rabbit. “Just thought you may want some fresh-kill before the time comes.” He purred. Waterkit pushed his way through while Echokit stayed seated and waited for her piece of fresh-kill. Once everyone else got their piece, she trotted neatly over to the pile but there were only one small vole left. The black kit decided she didn’t want it. “Waterkit! Come here!” Echokit loved the way Waterkit’s white fur sparkled in the sunlight. He looked just like their mother. “What is it?” He asked, licking his lips from the rabbit he had had. “I just started grooming myself again for the ceremony and you know how soon it is so no matter what it is it has to be quick.” Echokit realized he was right. Lightstar was already leaping on Clanrock, there was no time for her game so she ate the vole after all. “Never mind.” She meowed, with her mouth full of the vole. She headed right outside the nursery. She sat to the right of Waterkit. Diamondclaw and Moonstripe sat right behind them like a family portrait. “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, meet under the Clanrock for a clan meeting!” Their White leader yowled. Once all the clan was under Clanrock, Lightstar beckoned Echokit with his bushy tail. “Echokit, come forwar-” Suddenly two big foxes appeared out of the bracken. Echokit and Waterkit gasped almost at the same time. Moonstripe stood in front of Diamondclaw, Echokit and Waterkit, hissing and spitting. Bearfur was clawing at the smallest one and Owlfall, Dovestream and Skypelt were on the biggest one. Echokit could see her brother panicking. Echokit thought in her head “This could be I and Waterkit’s time to shine!” Echokit started to help Bearfur with the smaller one. She muttered to Waterkit to help Moonstripe protect Diamondclaw. He obeyed quickly a got in front of Moonstripe. Echokit recently had just got a nasty scar across her shoulder. The biggest fox escaped from Owlfall, Dovestream, and Skypelt. It pounced to where Moonstripe, Waterkit and Diamondclaw her standing. It attacked Waterkit and he lied silently on the damp floor. The foxes had ran away but Echokit was very sacred for Waterkit "Oh Waterkit!" She thought "Don't leave me!"

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1112 days ago
Write more and let Waterkit live plz
1257 days ago
Live Waterkit live a happy life!!!!
1421 days ago
Oh, Waterkit, live! Please?
2337 days ago
Please continue!! I will die otherwise!!
2401 days ago
Why haven't you written yet? It's not like you forgot about this story, or did you?
2447 days ago
Write more soon! I can't wait! Hurry up and write! Write! Write!