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Petals in the Stream.

1 Chapter - 287 Words - Developed by:
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The one living pup of Rose~Water's first litter, after the attack of Fire Pack, WindStorm, a he-wolf fighter, is trying to keep his pack alive, with the help of this younger brother, DoveClaw, KelpCove's student (KelpCove is the med wolf) Will Water Pack live, or die.

"Wake up, WindStorm, Wake Up!" WindStorm heard his little brother's voice say. He opened up his eyes and turned to look over at his brother. "Mom needs you to help Air Pack, they have come here for help, AGAIN" DoveClaw barked.
"Alright bro." he said.
He turned and went out of the door or the med den. Then he saw FernBreeze, the beta of air pack, with a small gray body in her mouth. "Is this pups from your pack?" She asked.
"N-no, but I hope you find the owner of the pup soon." he barked.
FernBreeze nodded, turning away. As she did, WindStorm thought he saw that before, when he went to ask Light Pack for something, like the pup SnowPup that was blind, and loved to play with him when he did come. He shook his head. "WINDSTORM! I NEED YOU!"
His mother, RoseWater, Alpha of Water Pack, howled. He turned around and started to his mom.

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592 days ago
Nice story Nova! Good job.
1161 days ago
Go go!..................................... ...
1186 days ago
1637 days ago
Woah, I’m impressed! Love the storyline and characters, plz keep this up Nova.
2239 days ago
I Hope you guys like it! This is just a sneak peak of chapter 1, of book 1. Hope you like it!