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The runaways

1 Chapter - 362 Words - Developed by:
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This is the life of four kits, Libby, Zeke, Tate, and Ivy. They get lost and find a strange place, with strange cats who call themselves the Tribe Of Running Kits or TORK.

I fell through the window as I was looking out. Like, it just opened! My sister, Libby, looked down at me. "Why are you down there! Get back up," she snapped. "I can't, though!" I whined. Oh wait, let me introduce myself. My name is Ivy, I have two brothers named Tate and Zeke, and a sister named Libby. And no, we are not humans. We are cats. So anyway, I just fell out of my owners window and now I'm stuck down here with my sister-oh wait, now my brothers-staring at me. Yeah, it sucks. "We're coming down," Zeke shouted as he pushed Tate and Libby down and jumped down after them. "Hey, we're free now," said Tate. "Did you just notice that?" I asked. He fell silent. "Anyway, we should work on getting back ho-" Libby was cut off by the dog barking. "Oh no, let's run," Tate said. I didn't need to be told twice, I ran, and kept on running. We came to a stop at a tree far away from home, at least, that's what it seemed like. The sky had darkened and stars were coming out. "Maybe we should climb the tree and sleep up there for the night," I suggested. "Good idea," praised Libby as she started to climb up the tree, the rest of us following. I lay down on a branch beside Tate and Zeke, but Libby went on a different one. We fell asleep one by one.

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694 days ago
And I LOOOOVE The storyline!
1059 days ago
Oh, come on. Write more! You have great potential.
1097 days ago
Oh nvm? Srry ivy lol
1097 days ago
Thats it???? Come on ivy