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The Story of SlyClan and FogClan

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10 Chapter - 1.762 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 671 taken-The story is currently being written

Just how SlyClan and FogClan came to be, switching from the two creators of the clans, and they should read this because they can hear my OC clans.

The assessment

Slypaw, your time to take your assessment Is now. I will be watching out of sight." Said the brown, white striped Tom, Brairwind. "Okay!" Said Slypaw.


"Slypaw, do you promise to uphold the Warrior Code and protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"
"I do."
"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your Warrior name. Your name shall be Slywing. Serve your Clan well."

Cheers rose through the air, calling the new warrior's name.
The new warrior lifted his head proudly as ShadowClan called his new name.

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360 days ago
Also my story is I have a sister that is white furred all over and her name is willowheart. I have a mate called dust feather and I have three kits, Rusty kit lunakit and CloudKit! Thank you! My kits warrior names are rustyclaw and lunafur and cloudheart! Thank you so so so so much!
360 days ago
Slystars mate should be called wish heart! Please put in me in your story’s! I am Swiftstorm! I am a white she-cat with grey patches and blue eyes. Thank you so much!!
541 days ago
Gracestep should be the name if she's a regular cat she's a pretty, slender black she-cat with gray legs and paws
561 days ago
the cat that is going to be slystar's mate should be named Rainbowheart
570 days ago
My fanfic is deleted and I don’t know why and I grieved HEAVILY when Sparrowbite, a senior warrior drowned. Also it was Hollowbranch who grieved not me seeya
570 days ago
Could you add my oc Diamondstar she is a pretty blue she-cat with striking green eyes with amber flecks, and she has feelings for Bubbleheart. I think Slystars mate name should be Sparkriver. I don’t deserve it but you look perfect tonight. Actually maybe I do by making an oc clan, SeaClan, and my FanFic is coming soon. seeya.
702 days ago
Oh I forget, could you ad one of my oc cats? I really want you too if you can. Her name is Bumble whisker, she is a pale yellow she with black stripes and slightly brown whiskers. Her eyes are pale blue, yet they are as inky as the stars. Also could you add a clan called darkclan or something, that live in caves? Thanks again. Cevil.
702 days ago
I think this was good, decently good. I would enjoy longer chapters but short ones are fine. It was a bit like this happened -time passes that we don’t know passes- something else happened. Also the mate of slystar should be called tainted muzzle, or blue tip. Thanks !
713 days ago
I think the mate should be....
Vixenwish. I want in an OC of mine. Snowyleap, a white she-cat with dark, orange eyes and a blue muzzle. Thanks!