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Wings of Fire: Fire Prophecy Sequel to Lava Rising

3 Chapter - 1.071 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 848 taken-The story is currently being written

(The first and second arc, different storyline)
Winter's reaction goes different than Moon expected. Suddenly he's near her all the time... almost as if he suspects something.
When Qibli is put in danger and Moon steps up to help him, it might just ruin Moon's chance with Winter. Winter or Qibli?

Winter followed Kinkajou and Winter as they headed out of the library. They stopped at their new cave, grinning at each other. Well, Winter just had his eyes fixed on Moon.
Moon curled up in her stone shelf, drifting asleep. She felt cold scales against hers and opened her eyes, confused.
"Winter?" She asked, opening and closing her wings. "This is my bed."
Winter smiled warmly. "But you're mine. Difference?" Moon settled back down, deciding not to argue. It still gave her chills.
When she woke up, Kinkajou was searching frantically, shaking Turtle (who was asleep). When she saw Moon and Winter, she flew over to them.
"Guys, Qibli is gone!" She bit her lip. "And Peril," she added quietly. Winter's jaw dropped. His snout curved into a frown.
"I think it's too late," Turtle commented, not helping whatsoever. Winter glared at him, closing his jaw firmly. "Is not. We will save Moon's friend, no matter what it takes!"
He grabbed her talons and lifted off, pulling her into the air. She shrugged helplessly at Kinkajou, who flew after them. Turtle reluctantly followed.
"So where do we search?" Moon asked. "Where would Peril go?"
"To meet her fellow SkyWings? Although if she carried him there, he would be burnt to ashes," Turtle guessed. "Because she's obviously gone."
Kinkajou rolled her eyes. "Of course! Queen Ruby/Tourmaline is a great queen, and she loves her. So there!"
Turtle shrugged. "Let's save our breath for flying."
They flew in silence for a few hours. When they reached the palace, two guards were on duty.
"Welcome," one said coldly, in a very not welcoming tone. The other one stared at them with her cold obsidian eyes. "What do you want?" She asked.
Kinkajou stepped forward. "Queen Ruby. Immediately. Queen Glory's bestie."
The first guard opened the gates and handed her a map. The others followed her and heard the second guard scolding her.
Kinkajou directed them towards a palace. Prince Cliff had his own mini throne next to Ruby's. He smiled.
"Peril dead!" He exclaimed.

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855 days ago
Wow I clicked on this and all my fans are here. Henlo!
Anyway, great book!
936 days ago
It's well wrote but it doesn't make any sense sorry I'll give Five stars once you have made it make sense
1225 days ago
1225 days ago
Good job Have a great day😋
1235 days ago
That’s good well done.