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Wings of Fire: Enemy Defenses sequel to Lava Rising

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3 Chapter - 705 Words - Developed by:
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(Almost first and second arc different storyline)
After Qibli spares Queen Ruby/Tourmaline, they head back to the academy. When Winter disappears and the hunt begins, it's between life or death- and Winter's friendship.

Qibli had her pinned down. It was snout to snout, talon to talon.
Ruby struck. Moon knew it would happen before it did, her mind was thinking it pretty loudly.
She raked her claws against his back, where other scars were. Qibli roared in pain, and Moon stepped forward. Turtle held her back. "Qibli, make her surrender! Or pay!" Moon could read it- she was thinking of killing Qibli.
Qibli almost snapped her neck, but stopped. "Surrender," He panted, "Or die."
She scoffed. "Is that a threat?"
"Yes. I could kill you any minute now."
"Beware!" Moon cried, but Qibli didn't listen.
Ruby tried to reverse the grip, but Qibli just gripped harder. She was choking. She held up her hands, but as soon as Qibli let go, she lunged.
Moon went full force, slamming into Ruby. Qibli's shocked expression didn't last for long. He helped Moon pin her down.
"Order your guards to chain you up and drown you," Moon instructed. Queen Ruby opened her mouth, but Qibli shook his head. Queen Ruby was thinking of sending her least loyal guards. She hoped she could escape- they were the dumbest.
"You don't have any rights to speak unless you're following our directions."
"Fine! My two least loyal guards!"
After it had been done, Winter, Qibli, and Moon went to watch. First, Moon stuck on skyfire. She didn't need the agony of her thoughts into Moon's brain.
Qibli hesitated. "One second," he said, and disappeared.
It was the first time Moon had been alone with Winter in a few weeks.
Winter brushed her wing and twined his tail with hers. Moon's spirits rose.
Winter leaned into her side. Moon winced. Too cold.
Winter let go as Qibli flew in. "Guys," he said, holding up a map. "I know where to find the next prophecy."

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635 days ago
Wow I clicked on this and all my fans are here. Henlo!
Anyway, great book!
716 days ago
It's well wrote but it doesn't make any sense sorry I'll give Five stars once you have made it make sense
1005 days ago
1005 days ago
Good job Have a great day😋
1014 days ago
That’s good well done.