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Hello! I have always wanted to write a warrior cat fiction story, and I have already made up five clans, and a new name for star clan. So this is my first attempt at it and I hope you like the story!

As Cottonfire paced around the nursery, she heard a huge caterwauling. She raced into the den and to her pleasure found Feathershine standing over a beautiful cream she cat with three kits at her belly. "Oh Rosetail they're wonderful!" meowed Cottonfire. Apparently Rosetail saw the longing in her eyes. "It will be your turn soon enough now. " she stated with a glance at Brakenfall. " You two seem to be getting closer!"
"Yes, we are. But I don't need a mate right now. I have my Clan to look after. Who's going to be deputy when I'm in the nursery caring for kits? My Clan needs me. Not Brakenfall." And with that Cottonfire padded out of the nursery to see how the camp was getting on. All looked well, so she decided to go tell Stormeye about his kits and to see how Daypaws training was going. She walked out of camp to the Training Clearing. She found Stormeye showing Daypaw a fighting move. "Ok. Now it's your turn." Meowed Stormeye. Daypaw raced forward and leaped and twisted onto Stormyes back and jumped off just in time to rake his belly with her paws before he turned on her. " Nice job! " Cottonfire pointed out. " You're going to be a real fighter!" Daypaw whirled around to give Cottonfire a pleased look, before Cottonfire gave Stormeye the news. Just as she opened her mouth, she heard yelling from Grasstail. He had been on the dawn patrol and was now racing towards them. " Help! We're being attacked by foxes!"

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230 days ago
I loved this chapter !!!!!!!!!?
306 days ago
ya'll i promise i've been writing another one i've just been VERY busy at the moment sorry!!
311 days ago
Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another one!?!?
795 days ago
this was great i need MORE
821 days ago
Hanah Stokes, maybe this chat is barely alive by this is a great story, especially if u upgrade it with writing rules! Tell us when you're releasing the second story!
894 days ago
Hey ya'll! Thank you SO much for the amazing comments they're so wonderful and letting ya'll know that I AM working on a second one right now and it will be out soon!!
968 days ago
Tell me MORE!!!poor dayflight.
999 days ago
omg soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood! makeM ORE
999 days ago
1022 days ago
If we're correcting errors it's spelled "Feeling", not "Fealing." Thanks!
1035 days ago
That was kind of sad and was pretty short and didn’t really have as much expression as I would have liked, personally, but overall it was pretty good.
1051 days ago
Fealing not dealing
1051 days ago
I... This was so good I'm crying rn... 😢🙂😢😢 why did dayflight die..? Oof this is so powerful u really know how to put the dealing in ur writing good job 🙂😢🙂
1075 days ago
Oh no poor Brakenfall!
1075 days ago
NICE WRITING. I love your Warrior names:)
1100 days ago
thank u everyone for saying nice things about it
i have tons of writing ideas but i can never see to write them
1110 days ago
oomggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
1117 days ago
More PLS! Ignore all the comments saying “I DONT LIKE THE SAD ENDING ITSHORRIBLE UGH” AND WRITE MORE! People like you have a talent. For writing. Some people just making people Feel bad. Pls ignore them! You write amazing girl! Use your talents! 😉
1176 days ago
1244 days ago
i have to know MOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!