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Fun Warrior Cat Generator!

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Hi! Here in this generator you will be able to "create" your own warrior cat and family! Get a price of paper and a pencil, and just follow the directions and you will have an awesome warrior cat! And when you are done, plz plz plz comment and tell me what you got! And if the comments don't work, then you can email me what you got with the option in the side. Have fun! And this is only for girls ages 7-18. Thanks!

Let's get started with your name! Do the first letter of your first name for the prefix.

A. Amber
B. Bee
C. Crystal
D. Dawn
E. Eagle
F. Fawn
G. Grass
H. Hare
I. Ice
J. Jump
K. You choose!
L. Lily
M. Moss
N. Needle
O. Owl
P. Pink
Q. Quail
R. Rye
S. Silver
T. Twist
U. You choose!
V. Violet
W. Water
X. You choose!
Y. Yarrow
Z. You choose!

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127 days ago
Story: born in riverclan but got lost and joined thunderclan. ( I just wanted to share my story )
127 days ago
And I got....amber heart. (I don’t really like that name)
127 days ago
Also yellow eyes and is very loyal
127 days ago
I’m a fire colored Tom the deputy of thunderclan.
162 days ago
My irl mom is Amberwing, an light Grey tabby with Grey eyes... why is she called amberwing? Her mom is thrushstorm her dad is turtlefrost and her mate rockstorm. Her kits died:( she is in riverclan.
162 days ago
Gotta do this on some family members and friends! I love it! It makes my fantasy start :)
162 days ago
Sorry for the long comments...
162 days ago
Some moons have passed! im now Twiststar. My deputy is an smart and loyal tom, Flightfeather. my kits have grown up now. I tell you some more about them.
Splash kit is now Timmy, he left the clans for kittypet life. He is bluegrey with green eyes.
Then we have Spiritkit who is now under the name Spiritleaf. She choosed to become an medicin cat. She is White with Grey spots and have green eyes.
Dragonkit has become Dragongem, he is an warrior, and have ginger fur like hes grandma, he also has blue eyes. He has an apprentice, Sweetpaw, that i will name Sweetbreeze.
Glowkit is now Glowwing. She is an queen/warrior, she is White with gold spots. She has two kits, an golden tom with hazel eyes called Branchkit and and an Tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes called Flowerkit. Glowwings mate is Flightfeather.
My old apprentice Eaglepaw is now Eagleclaw.
I have eight lifes left.
162 days ago
Im Twistheart, shecat, silver tabby, Grey eyes, Mother is yellow wish (lol an ginger tabby with amber eyes) dad is snowclaw(black with White tail,ears, claws, Grey eyes), mate is dusktail (dark Grey with black stripes) im in skyclan. i have four kits, Splash kit(tom) Spirit kit(she cat), glow kit (she cat)and dragon kit(tom). Im deputy, have an apprentice, eagle paw. I have one Brother, Black wing, an medic. My mate is warrior and my parents too.
208 days ago
My name is SilverFur, I am a Dark Brown Tabby with Blue eyes. My mother is FeatherTail, And my father is TreeWing. My mate is PineClaw (Pretty common if you ask me :/), And I have four kits. I decided to name them BrambleKit, KestrelKit, SilentKit, and TallKit. Three young toms with one she.
210 days ago
amberheart - white she-cat with blue eyes
mother: thrushwish - silver-gray tabby she-cat
father: blackstorm - black and white tom
mate: pinetail - earthy brown tom
kits: she is expecting(pinekit(claw) finchkit(flight) and stormkit(flower)
216 days ago
Beestripe-silver tabby tom with orange eyes
Mother: Thrushfoot- light brown tabby she cat
Father: Spikewing- dark gray tom
Mate: Pineclaw (future: He is only a young warrior!)
Kits: He's to young for kits!
257 days ago
The dad is SpikeFur or pelt
257 days ago
Mom featherStorm dad I forgot Mate RockClaw kits Expecting Clan Riverclan Fur White Eyes Yellow
285 days ago
Name:Lilyheart Mom;Featherstream Dad:Rootwing Mate:Troutfur :kits, Sunkit,Moonkit, Grasskit, Stormkit... Clan: riverclan Fur color: Tortoiseshell Eye color:Gold
331 days ago
name; silverwing
pelt;silver tabby
mate;r obineye
kits; expecting!
340 days ago
Anddd im in Thunderclan
340 days ago
My name is Skyfrost. I have silver tabby pelt with blue eyes. My mother's name is Featherpool, and my Father's name is Blackstorm. I have a mate named Duskfur, and 4 kits. Frostkit, Nightkit, Sunkit, and Winterkit
395 days ago
Eaglepelt... is what I got
395 days ago
i thought no one does this anymore!