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Fun Warrior Cat Generator!

8 Chapter - 630 Words - Developed by:
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Hi! Here in this generator you will be able to "create" your own warrior cat and family! Get a price of paper and a pencil, and just follow the directions and you will have an awesome warrior cat! And when you are done, plz plz plz comment and tell me what you got! And if the comments don't work, then you can email me what you got with the option in the side. Have fun! And this is only for girls ages 7-18. Thanks!

Let's get started with your name! Do the first letter of your first name for the prefix.

A. Amber
B. Bee
C. Crystal
D. Dawn
E. Eagle
F. Fawn
G. Grass
H. Hare
I. Ice
J. Jump
K. You choose!
L. Lily
M. Moss
N. Needle
O. Owl
P. Pink
Q. Quail
R. Rye
S. Silver
T. Twist
U. You choose!
V. Violet
W. Water
X. You choose!
Y. Yarrow
Z. You choose!

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12 days ago
I got: name: Amberclaw, Silver tabby, Amber eyes, Mother: Yellowtail, Father: Treeclaw, Mate: Duskclaw, And my Litter died 3':
21 days ago
I’m Lilyheart. I’m a light gray tabby with blue eyes. My parents are Leafpool and Hawkwing.😂 and my mate is Robinsong. I’m expecting kits and I’m in ThunderClan. I love this!!🤣😍🥰
79 days ago
I loved this, my name is pinkfrost and I am a light brown tabby with amber eyes and my parents names are yellowstream and rootclaw. I have a mate called pinetail and four kits, sunkit,muddykit, beechkit, and rookkit.our clan is skyclan. So good!
170 days ago
my name is Violetfrost and I'm a light gray tabby with amber eyes. My mom's name is Thrushfoot and my dad's name is Hawkstripe my mate's name is Robinstorm and I had four kits named Frostheart, Adderstripe, Pinekit, and Shadekit my Clan is RiverClan
171 days ago
My name is Mossfeather and I am a silver tabby with gold eyes. My mother's name is Puddlewish a white and ginger she-cat with blue eyes. My father's name is Blackfrost he is a black with green eyes. My mate's name is Pinestorm and he is a white and brown tom with yellow eyes. I am exepecting Pinestorm's first litter of kits. My former mate Owlclaw died of falling rocks and was a orange tabby with gray eyes. I had a litter of kits soon after Owlclaw died their names are Dawnheart a light brown she-cat with orange eyes. she has two brothers Eaglewing a calico tom with green eyes. And Fawnpaw a small light brown tabby tom with blue eyes who died when a hawk grabbed and dropped in the air. I am happy in PineClan. I had two littermates Sootkit a light gray she-cat with blue eyes who died a few days after birth and Rainstream a dark gray tabby tom who died of greencough. I would say my second litter of kits but that would take too long. Thank you for making this!
263 days ago
I am GrassFeather. I am a Silver Tabby with Grey eyes. My Mother is PuddleWish, a Light grey she-cat with Brown eyes, and my Father is RootWing a dark brown tom, who is in RiverClan so that makes me half-clan. Now you might be wondering where i got my fur and eyes from; I dont know? My make is RobinEye a long furred brown tabby the Deputy of SkyClan, and I am expecting his 2nd litter of kits my others are apprentices SpiderPaw, SilenetPaw and PinePaw but CricketPaw has moved to RiverClan not just to be with my dad but he fell in love with MothPaw...I will not judge his decison im just devastated as he supported me more than my other Kits. I have acended to StarClan though as I died while giving Birth to Robins 2nd Litter but when robin became leader i gave him one of his nine lives and not soon after PinePaw now PineLog was killed by MothPaw/MothSky because MothSky thought PineLog liked CricketPaw/CricketLeap when they where just close siblings.
338 days ago
I am Dawnheart. I have white fur and gold eyes. My mother is Flamepool, a bright orange she-cat with gold eyes, and my father is Hawkstripe, a brown tabby tom. Now you might be wondering: How am I white? My grandparents, of course! My mate is Rockfur, a gray long furred tom from SkyClan. We had 4 kits: Grayfur, a gray she-cat, deputy of SkyClan, Sandfur, a beige she-cat, Pinekit, a gray tom that didn't make it through my kitting, and lastly, a white tom Lightstar! I am so proud of him. Now I am actually in ThunderClan. Grayfur moved to SkyClan because... she wanted to be with Rockfur. That means my kits are half-clan. I won't judge my kits' decisions, they choose them. I ascended to StarClan after getting killed by a fox and gave Lightstar one of his nine lives.
338 days ago
I'm Violetfrost, a white she-cat with orange eyes from RiverClan. My mother is Featherstream and my father is Rootwing. My mate is Pinetail and we have 4 kits, Lilykit (she-cat), Amberkit (she-cat), Firekit (tom) and Maplekit (she-cat).
414 days ago
My Name is Dawn-Frost, I am a white she with green eyes and my parents are Flame-Foot (Mother) And hawk storm. My mate is Robin Fur and I am expecting his kits.
582 days ago
Sorry I feel like I took this quiz late but here's my results - I'm Beepelt, white she-cat with orange eyes (at least it checks out the name Beepelt), my mother is Leafstorm, and my father is Treefrost. My mate is Pinestorm and I am expecting his kits
607 days ago
I am firesmoke, a orange she cat with smoky gray eyes. Mother is Holly bush and my father is Bramblepelt, she doesn't have a mate because she is a medicine cat.

When fire smoke was a kit she got lost when an apprentice bushpaw took on a hunting mission without permission. She was found by a tom named bramblepelt and was taken back to his mate named Hollybush in river clan, one night she had a dream of a star clan cat coming and giving her a prophecy that said "blood will bathe the land if one is not found, one shall trek a trail to where the light is bound, sit with stars talk to them, to send a truce to clear the path." The next morning she woke up and told her mentor who instantly talked to the medicine cat whom decided to apprentice her. One day her old clan thunder clan attacked river clan, fire paw got out , she fell asleep.the next morning she woke up , her paws carried her down into a cave, it had a big rock in the middle of it, she left the cave and tried to hunt, she only caught a mouse, and by the time she was done eating the sun was going down, she made her way back to the cave, but this time the rock glowed as moonlight struck it, she remembered the prophecy and tried to speak to the rock/ it didnt answer, she decided to sleep in the cave for the night, in her dreams she spoke to the thunder clan medicine cat about her new life. The next day a thunder clan patrol barged in and took her back to thunder clan. She was held there, like a hostage, until the other clans decided to put thundefclan in its place and get back fire paw, after fire paw got back to her camp there was an unspoken truck between river clan, shadow clan, and wind clan after attacking thunder clan. She was trained by the medicine cat named star walker and became one of the most honored medicine cats for setting the clans in order, and bringing peace.
611 days ago
I am Amberheart, a tortoiseshell she-cat with orange eyes. My mother, Flametail, and my father, Snowfur, were both very joyful when I had Dusktail's kits: Emberkit, Graykit, Darkkit and Shadowkit. Skyclan was also very pleased. 4 new kits that will soon be apprentices. . .then warriors. . .then deputy and leader, even. Oh, I'm proud of them, too! Silverwing is my second cousin- Snowfur's cousin's kit. Puddlestream, Snowfur's cousin, moved to Windclan to be with Blackwing. Puddlestream really should have stayed. Antstripe really liked her. Well. . . I can't blame her. Antstripe is really sensitive. Antsripe would have even tried to assassinate Puddlestream if she refused to be his mate. He's super weird. Actually, his father, Hickoryheart, was Thunderclan. He's really crazy. Like Antstripe. Nightstar of Windclan was his mother. You're thinking, how did a Windclan/Thunderclan kit end up in Skyclan? Well, we found him by the Thunderpath. He was living off of trash in a Twoleg can and was aggressive. He was very strong for a kit 2 moons old, so we couldn't leave him there when he still a little bit of the dead Windclan leader, Nightstar, and the angry rogue, Hickory. (Hickoryheart) Skyclan took him in even though he didn't have an inch of Skyclan blood. Antstripe has killed another clan's apprentice in battle and blinded one of our own warriors by accident, Mudsplash. Mudsplash is old, now. He's Whitestar's dad. Whitestar is so amazing. An awesome leader. All Skyclan blood, though, so he wasn't doubted at all. I'm not really doubted, either. Dusktail is a great cat, and Skyclan knows that. We successfully brought 4 healthy kits to our clan, so I'm thinking it won't be long before Pebblepelt retires and I will become the new Skyclan deputy.
611 days ago
Hanna, very nice quiz and has a lot of detail but we need siblings.
611 days ago
I am a Windclan cat named Silverwing. My mother is Puddlestream and my father is Blackwing. Do you see something similar? Silverwing? Blackwing? We were close. I am white with amber eyes. My mate is Rocktail and we have no kits. We aren't planning to have any, either. (I'mnot talking about siblings, here)
613 days ago
I'll give you the basics. I'm Silverwing
618 days ago
Color:Light brown
Eye Color: Amber
Kit s:LightKit,MorningKit,TundraKit,TalonKit
Clan: WindClan

Thanks for creating this Hannah!
693 days ago
dappled brown
yellow eyes
dad: blackfrost
expecting kits
704 days ago
Ice Pelt
Silver Tabby
Green Eyes
Mom:Feather Storm
Dad: Root Wing
Mate: Robin Storm
Kits: Expecting
Clan: Sky Clan
720 days ago
Amber Frost
Light brown pelt
Amber eyes
Mom: Flame Stream
Dad: Root Stripe
Mate: Pine Tail
Four kits: Dusk Flair, Blue Gale, Dawn Haze, Basil Glow
860 days ago
Story: born in riverclan but got lost and joined thunderclan. ( I just wanted to share my story )