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Goldenfrost's Light: Part 1

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Goldenfrost (my OC character I made for myself) never wanted to be leader. She thought It was boring, however she did know it was important.
Goldenfrost's perspective was changed when something happens.
Read to find out.
There are more parts to this story, and the parts are 1-2 chapters.

    Chapter 1

    "Yes, this leaf-bare is going to be one of the worst. I can tell. What makes it even worse was that my kits were born less than a moon ago, and it is very cold outside. I will need as much warmth as I can get, so I mustn't go outside." Feathernose meowed.
    "Well, if that is your decision, you will follow." Swiftstar nosed his mate. "I will respect that."
    "Thank you, Swiftstar. You may visit our kits as much as you want."

    Swiftstar turned around and headed to the high rock. Feathernose walked to the nursery, to meet her mewling kits. "It's alright, I'm here. You don't have to be hungry anymore." She sat down, looking at the other queen and her 6 moons old kits. Today was their apprentice ceremony, and after they left, Feathernose would be the only queen in the nursery. Deep in her thoughts, the other kits left the nursery and headed out to the clearing. She sat her head down on the mossy bed, and curled the kits around her, and went into deep sleep.

    "Feathernose! Wake up! She still won't wake up! Where is the medicine cat?"
    Feathernose jolted awake to find her kits squirming nearby. Swiftstar glanced at her as she awoke. "She's alright!" Swiftstar called.
    "Wha- what happened?" Feathernose rasped.
    "You slept for a few nights! I was very worried." Swiftstar mewed, relieved to find his mate alive.
    "I.. I was so tired. I don't know what happened. The kits are okay?" Feathernose eyed the kits.
    "Yes, Dawnstripe had a bit of milk to spare after her kits left the nursery. She handled them and took great care of them. She didn't let them get out of any cat's sight."
    "Thank you." Feathernose was still in shock, and Swiftstar must of felt it, because he rested his muzzle on her shoulder.
    Feathernose was happy to feel his warmth flow through her body.
    "Come here kits." Feathernose nuzzled her kits to her body, and Swiftstar sat down next to Feathernose. "I need help deciding their names."
    "I have Larkit and Ashkit, but the light golden tabby she kit, I have no idea what she should be named." Feathernose softly said.
    "Goldenkit?" Swiftstar suggested.
    "Perfect! Oh thank you Swiftstar. I don't know if I could ever have a better mate."
    "You can't, I'm one of a kind."
    Feathernose purred with amusement.
    "Goldenkit, Larkit, and Ashkit, I can't believe I'm a father to these perfect kits."

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885 days ago
Awww!!! I haven’t come on here in so long! I’ll consider adding more, i’m currently working on a romance on here! (not under same user name) You all are so sweet! :) Have a great day and I will consider adding more!
973 days ago
Add more please.... JUST DO IT!!!
1444 days ago
Golden your NEARLY as good a Cevil
1485 days ago
Aww thanks guys, I havent done so in soo Long!!!! I guess i will, since you all want more. I am the creator, so i'm not a fraud. Thanks!
1491 days ago
1492 days ago
Nice story please add more
1493 days ago
That’s a really nice story so far!