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Dawnbridge's favor... (Warrior Cats Fanfiction)

10 Chapter - 2.794 Words - Developed by:
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I have made an exciting story about a cat named Dawnbridge, from ThunderClan. Blue writing is Dawnbridge, Navy Blue is Sheen/Sheentail!

A blue cat sprinted towards ThunderClan camp. The fox's breath was hot on her tail, which was curled onto her back. A thought suddenly jolted into her mind.
What if it follows me into camp?
She dug her claws into the ground and braced herself. When she felt nothing, she opened her eyes. Her jaw dropped, and she looked around. Stars were circling around her, but even farther than that, her ancestors. ThunderClan territory, sparkling with stars. The blue cat breathed.

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709 days ago
Okay sounds good!
717 days ago
PepperFly -- Rank: young warrior -- Pelt: Light orange, reddish spots on his shoulders and under his eyes. White belly, muzzle, and tail tip. Dark green eyes. -- Gender: Tom -- Personality: Energetic, care-free, selfless, makes rash decisions, but will die to defend his clan, and is learning how to be a more wise cat -- Kin: Anyone i guess
774 days ago
793 days ago
I have to change Banished. Ravenwing has another kit called Graykit, or the story diesn't work
823 days ago
Alright, thanks so much!
829 days ago
Name: Ice water , Rank: senior warrior Pelt color: light grey, almost white, with ice blue eyes Gender: Tom Personality: Wise, calm, and quick thinking Kin: ANYONE LIKE LITERALLY ANYONE..... OC IF YOU CAN I DON'T MIND IF YOU CAN'T THANKS.
861 days ago
so in a short answer, SURE
862 days ago
Foxhowl, I am working on another Dawnbridge fan fiction. After I join the Erin Hunter team, all of the Dawnbridge books will be published and these will be taken down for my and the Erin's benefit. I am writing so much every day. Good news; I just wrote a letter to Tui Sutherlands to see if I could be on the writing team! The next one, along with all the others, will be published as real books!
863 days ago
Okay will you write another one plz? If some oc time! :D
Name: Leafkit (Leafflutter)
Pelt color: Tan with brown dapples and green eyes
Traits: Calm, Quick, Fast, Agile, Fast thinking, and Smart
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Kit
Kin: Give meh anyone
863 days ago
Uhh. Is that a compliment?
865 days ago
I jus read banished it is good iguess
890 days ago
WHYYYYY is nobody new reading my fan fictions. Oh wait, 1, 471 PEOPLE BABY
906 days ago
Yeah sure I'll tell her. And it will be open for a long time so
909 days ago
If its still open,Can Flagstar be in it?
914 days ago
Does anyone want to have their OC in LuvGoat_5's Warrior Cats game?
914 days ago
Maybe...... I'm not sure...... YES, OKAY?!
915 days ago
Hehehe you don't know how to code,do you?
915 days ago
So LuvGoats_5 is ALMOST finished* with her Warrior cats game, so I'll post the link here when it is done.

*Almost finished in coding language is a few weeks XD
921 days ago
I know, it is just better written that is why I am keeping this one around for sentimental value :3
923 days ago
Not better than the first,nothing can beat a good start