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Warriors Pokemon Mallopaw

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5 Chapter - 703 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 704 taken-The story is currently being written

Mallow from the Pokemon world finds herself in an unfamiliar location with her friends, enemies, and as not a person but.. something else...

    Mallow opened her eyes. She had leaped through the swirling vortex and now she felt weird. It was like her fingers were glued together.
    Focusing her vision on the sights around her, she found herself surrounded by... CATS?
    The next few moments were a blur. A black cat stood up awkwardly, and hissed, "What did you do?"
    The gray cat near Mallow stood up as well. "What... what happened to us?"
    A thick furred white cat got to his paws next and looked at the gray one with strangely familiar green eyes. "Yours went through it first!" he retorted, bristling.
    Tension was hanging in the air before a voice called out,"Stop!"
    The cats all turned around to see who it was.
    A black and white cat with green eyes stepped out from behind a tree. Then, she raced towards them. "We don't have enough herbs to spare if you're going to be mousebrains!" she hissed.
    Just then, Mallow looked down. What happened to her? Was SHE a cat too?

    Mallow was putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The black, white, and tan cats were Team Rocket. The others were her friends. She staggered over to the white cat. "Do you know what's going on?" she asked.
    "No, not really, except that we're all cats now somehow!" she replied. That one was Lilly.
    The black and white cat had explained to us that her name was Swiftleap, and she was a warrior of ThunderClan. Mallow had no idea what that was, but she guessed that later on, she would find out.
    Swift leap lead them through two gorse bushes. "Welcome to our camp," she meowed.
    Mallow gazed in awe at the area surrounding her. There were dozens of cats swarming around the place.
    "Hunting patrol is Fernleaf, Foxheart, and Birdfeather," a golden yellow cat was calling out from the ledge of a rock.
    Some kittens were looking at the newcomers in amazement.
    "Their new," one said.
    "They're STINKY!" coughed another, covering his nose with a paw.
    "Rockkit, be polite! I know that they reek of Twoleg, but that doesn't give us any right to say that!" a ginger cat with a white tipped tail stepped out a bracken bush, whisking her tail around the younger cat.
    Suddenly, the yellow golden cat walked toward them.

    "Honey pelt, I can explain," Swiftleap said, taking a step forward.
    "Yes, to Squirrelstar you can," Honeypelt replied. "I will keep an eye on the newcomers."
    Swiftleap walked up the rocks to a cave in the side of the bigger rock.
    "Where is she going?" Mallow asked.
    "To speak with our leader, Squirrelstar," Honeypelt explained.
    A few moments later, Seiftleap walked out of the den, followed by a red-ginger tabby with green eyes.
    "What do you say, Squirrelstar?" Honeypelt asked her. "Chances are low with them, but.."
    Squirrelstar took a deep breath.
    Mallow held her's in.

    "Yes," Squirrelstar answered simply. "We will welcome them into the Clan.
    Mallow could not believe it! They were really here! In the Clan!
    Little did she know how major of a role this was to ThunderClan...

    Stay tuned for Story Two, Ashpaw!

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417 days ago
More please or Hawkstar will do something to you I know it
711 days ago
wha???? MORE! MORE!!!!
773 days ago
I hope that everyone enjoyed this first story! Comment which Poke-Warrior is your favorite! If you don't know all of them yet, stay tuned for Story Two to find out their new apprentice names!