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Warrior Cat OC generator

10 Chapter - 539 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 1,495 taken-The story is currently being written

This will make you you're own Warrior Cat! You'll need paper!

    First a name! Your first letter of name for prefix!

    A Dawn
    B Cloud
    C Rain
    D chose!
    E Sparrow
    F Fern
    G Deer
    and rest choose!

    Now your suffix! Last letter of last name!
    A Heart
    B Tail
    C Claw
    D Pelt
    E Cloud ( if prefix, Pelt )
    F choose!
    G pool
    H leaf
    rest choose!

    I got Rainleaf! What did you get?

    Now pelt! Your age!
    7 black white tail
    8 tortiseshell
    9 calico
    10 white
    11 tabby (choose colour)
    12 dappled brown
    13 blue
    rest choose!

    Rainleaf is calico. What did you get?

    Mum and dad now! Choose two numbers between 1 and 8
    prefix for mum first number
    1 thrush
    2 fern
    3 fawn
    4 deer
    5 vixen
    6 cloud
    7 reed
    8 sorrel
    suffix second number
    1 cloud (flower if prefix )
    2 flower
    3 heart
    4 fur
    5 tail
    6 claw
    7 leaf
    8 bird

    Rainleaf's mum is Vixenbird. What's yours?

    Daddy! Second number for prefix
    1 stripe
    2 maple
    3 reed
    4 rush
    5 robin
    6 tree
    7 red
    8 tall

    First number for suffix
    1 claw
    2 pelt
    3 fur
    4 tail
    5 fang
    6 eye
    7 rush (fang is prefix)
    8 night
    Rainleaf's dad is Tallfang. What did you get?

    Now rank! Choose a number 1 to 8
    1 kit
    2 apprentice
    3 warrior
    4 leader
    5 deputy
    6 elder
    7 StarClan cat:)
    8 medic

    Rainleaf is medic. What did you get?

    Mate! If you medic, then skip:) pick number 1 to 8 and that's you're mate!
    1 robineye
    2 sparrowclaw
    3 greyfur
    4 longclaw
    5 clawfur
    6 bluefang
    7 nightlight
    8 firetail

    Rainleaf is medic, so she has no mate. What did you get?

    Kit time! if medic, skip again. Choose number 1 to 4 for kit name!
    1 Heartkit
    2 Sharkkit
    3 Poolkit
    4 Fogkit

    Rainleaf has no kits, as shes medic. What did you get?

    Now last thing clan! Number 1 to 6 for clan!
    1 rouge
    2 ThunderClan
    3 SkyClan
    4 ShadowClan
    5 WindClan
    6 RiverClan

    Rainleaf is in RiverClan. What did you get?

    This is Rainleafs profile
    name: Rainleaf
    rank: medic
    mate: none
    kits: none
    clan: RiverClan
    mother: Vixenbird
    father: Tallfang
    look: calico
    Tell me if I missed anything!

    Plz write in comment what you got! Hope you enjoyed!

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42 days ago
I Really Enjoyed You're Warrior Cats Generator! Keep Up The Good Work! I Just Went On WCUE On Roblox (You Should Check It Out Btw) And Made My Cat! Have A Nice Day / Night Everyone!
42 days ago
Name: Cloud Leaf Pelt: White Mom: Fern Heart Dad: Red Night Rank: Warrior Mate: Sparrow Claw Kit: Heart Kit Clan: Wind Claw
369 days ago
Name: Dawnlight
Pelt: Blue
Mom: Cloudleaf
Dad: Redeye
Rank: StarClan cat
Mate: Bluefang
Kit: Poolkit
Clan: ShadowClan
490 days ago
Oh, and I have white fur
490 days ago
I am the Skyclan leader, so call me Sorrelstar. My mom is Vixenheart and dad is Stripepelt. My mate is Robineye and our kits are Fogkit and Sharkkit.
545 days ago
Great warriors generator!
545 days ago
Name: Dragonheart(she-cat)
Look: black tabby
Rank: deputy
Clan: Riverclan
Mate: nightlight
Mom: reedleaf
Dad: maplefur
Kit: Heartkit/heartshadow/heartstar
713 days ago
Name: Goldenfang Pelt: Golden Tabby Rank: Warrior Mate: Blackheart Kits: Flamekit and Firekit Parents: Stormcloud and Cinderfang Clan: LakeClan (a made up clan)
713 days ago
WHYYY please don’t read comment
713 days ago
Name: GoldenfangSister: MaplewingMom: StormcloudDad: CinderfangRank: WarriorPelt: Golden tabby
713 days ago
Oh no! Guys don’t read that comment
713 days ago
Sisters name: Maplewing
Mothers name: Stormcloud
Fathers name: Cinderfang
782 days ago
My sisters name:Dawnheart
Rank: Deputy
Mate:Fire tail
Mother:My mother
Father:My father
782 days ago
Kits:No ne
Father:M aple pelt
897 days ago
pelt:tortisshell white tom
parents:Fawnleaf(mom) Deerleap(Dad)
C lan:ThunderClan
987 days ago
my bro got : cloudheart male calico
mate=nightlight kit frogkit(made it up) LOL
1060 days ago
M om:Fawnbird
Mate:Bl uefang
Kit:Poolkit to Poolpaw apprentice of Honeytail to Pooltail, tom,mate is Roseshine
1064 days ago
Pelt:Lynx tabby
Ran k:Medicine cat
Mate:None I want one though
Kit:None I want some though
Clan:River Clan
1072 days ago
Name: Vixenleap
Gender: She cat
Pelt: Dappled brown
Mother: Fawnflower
Father: Redclaw
Rank warrior/queen
Mate: Firetail
Kit: Fogkit (warrior name is Fogmist)
Clan: Thunderclan
Great generator!
1095 days ago
hi people! u can choose the gender of ur cat. Rainleaf is a She-cat