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Warrior Cats, A naming day.

1 Chapter - 411 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 695 taken-The story is currently being written

It’s Cevil! This is just the preview of my new book I am writing soon.This is when some shadowclan kits get their first names.look out for my #3 book (which is the first in my new series)

    Ripplepool lay next to the fresh kill pile, his belly churning with excitement and anxiety about his new kits.Brackenglade was running her tail along his back, purring happily for him and trying to distract him from the current events. There was a screech from the nursery and he leapt to his paws, knocking Brackenglade into the pile of mice and toads. He skidded to a halt just outside the nursery and ducked his head in.Falconspots was licking two tiny, mewling kittens while Stormshower was happily watching them as they buried for milk in her soft pelt.

    Weeddrift licked at the small white kit, admiring her younger brother with respect. Stormshower and Ripplepool were talking quietly about the black kit with golden spots, as the small she still had no name.
    “ We really must hurry, Ripplepool, the ceremony will be any moment now and we can’t have a kit with no name.”
    Before Ripplepool could reply Snowstar had leapt onto the rock and was calling the cats together for a clan meeting.

    “Splashstone, you are a loyal and brave warrior. You have all the qualities we need in our clan so you will be the mentor for Frostpaw.”

    “Now, um..” there was a pause as Snowstar realised he still didn’t know the name of Ripplepool’s second kit.”Erm..”
    “Go on, Lynxkit,” Frostpaw thrust his sister forwards, using the name they had been using for the past six moons.
    “Ahh Lynxkit, you shall now be known as Lynxpaw, until you receive your warrior name. MarshWhiskers you are a kind and gentle cat. I trust you to pass on those qualities to your new apprentice, Lynxpaw.”

    Ripplepool And Stormshower exchanged a long glance.
    “Our kit has a name.” They laughed.

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1103 days ago
love it
1319 days ago
I am about to start a fan fic about what would've happened if Bramblestar never became deputy and the leader is Brakenstar(fur)
1439 days ago
Cevil Sandpaw is gonna get her naming ceremony soon what should her name be (also keep on writing warriors fan fic I love it 😉)
1447 days ago
Oh, its Lynx Moonlight a warriors story is what Lynxsight's done
1485 days ago
Nice keep doing it Cevil Beliiiieve
1490 days ago
Also Lynxsight which fan fictions or tests have you done? Just tell me the name or what name you used when you made them.
1490 days ago
Yes, I appreciate your kind comments and would love to do a collaboration with you, you write one bit I write th other?Also what suffix should I give Lynxpaw? I have billions of ideas for Frostpaw.
1492 days ago
This is Wonderful did you get the name off of me?
1492 days ago
So sorry about that.
1492 days ago
It’s just a sample ,that’s why it’s so short.